Wedding - Folisha Stevens & Wade Smith

Wilps Wisin Xbil'tkw - Gisk'aast Pdeek

Folisha is the daughter of Hubert and Diane Stevens

Wade is the son of Arnie Smith of Kitamaat, BC. 

Wedding - Katherine Azak & Albert Louie Jr.

Wilps N'iis Yuus - Gisk'aast Pdeek (Katherine) gans Wilps La'ay - Laxsgiik Pdeek (Albert)

Katherine is the daughter Lloyd & Sherry McDames

Albert is the son of Albert Sr. & Rose Louie

Wedding - Crystal Young & Arthur Collison

Wilps Kwax'suu - Laxgibuu Pdeek' (Crystal)

Crystal Young is the daughter of Greta Young, Sharon Watts & Ira Good Sr. 

Haida Eagle (Arthur)

Arthur Collison is the son of Donna Haldane, Pansey Collison & Arthur Collison Sr.


Wedding - Nicholas W. Clayton & Natasha Paul

Nicholas is the son of Keith & Jean Clayton - Wilps Ksim Xsaan - Ganada Pdeek

Natasha is the daughter of Audrey Grant & Daniel Paul Jr. - Haisla

Wedding - Carrie Doolan & Chris Stewart

Carrie Doolan is the daughter of Steven & Agnes Doolan  - Wilps Luuya'as - Laxsgiik Pdeek.

Chris Stewart is the son of Tina Grant & Doug Stewart - Haisla

Ed & Lorene Plante - Garden Wedding

Garden Wedding for: Edward Arthur Plante & Lorene Mary Plante

Edward is Lax̱sgiik from Wilps Hleeḵ

Lorene is Ksim Lax̱gibuu from Wilps Duuḵ’

The wedding will be at Ed & Lorene’s residents in Gitlax̱t’aamiks - 4415 Adams Crescent

Wedding - Reginald Sampare, Jr. & Nicole Peters

Reginald Sampare, Jr. & Nicole Peters

Reginald is Gisḵ’aast from Wilps Wisin Xbil̓tkw and is the son of Reginald and Selina Sampare

Nicole is Ksim Lax̱sgiik from Wilps Laay̓ and is the daughter of Wanda Stevens & Randy Peters, Sr.


Wedding - Charles Davis, Jr. & Felicia Robinson

Charles Davis, Jr. & Felicia Robinson

Charles is Ganada from Wilps Ni'is Joohl and is the son of Charles & Norma Davis.

Felicia is Ksim Laxgibuu from Wilps Galga and is the daughter of Richard & Angie Azak


Wedding - Brandy Casey & Michell Engdahl

Brandy Casey & Mitchell Engdahl

Brandy is Ksim Laxgibuu, Wilps Duuk'.  Brandy's parents are Robin and Josie Casey

Mitchell is the son of Loretta and Darryl Dennis (Iskut, Tahltan)



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