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Education Review Community Consultation - Ging̱olx

You are invited to an open community meeting to share your thoughts and opinions on School District 92: Nisg̱a’a.  An independent research team has been hired by the Nisg̱a’a Lisims Government to review the Nisg̱a’a School District.

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Stone Moving

Stone Moving

For The Late:

Norman Tait

Robert Tait

Sandra Stewart

Ron Telek

Michelle Allen

Harvey Watts

Darrin Stewart


Wilps Luuya'as

Gingolx Memorial Rec Centre

Stone Moving

Stone Moving

For The Late:

Earl Nelson

Fred Nelson

Gwendolyn Nelson


Wilps Txaatk'anlaxhatkw

Gingolx BC

Stone Moving For The Late Arthur Smythe

Stone Moving

For The Late:

Arthur Smythe


Wii Hoon & Baxk'ap


Stone Moving - For The Late Johnny Stewart & David Schmelzel

For The Late:

Johnny Stewart

David Schmelzel


Wilps Ksim Xsaan

Gingolx Memorial Rec Centre

10th Wedding Anniversary

James & Marcia Kennedy

No tribe & Laxgibuu


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