Gingolx (Kincolith)

*POSTPONED to MAY 11-12 2018* Stone Moving for (late) Arbutus May Stewart, Earnest (Dino) Angus, Lorene Potornay-Young


Stone Moving 


Arbutus May Stewart

Ernest (Dino) Angus

Steven Doolan Sr

Lorene Potornay-Young

Dave Watts


Wilps Kw’ax̱suu-Stuart Doolan gans Ni’islisy̓aan- Nelson Moore

Ging̱olx, BC



Wedding: Robert W Nelson & Myra M. Barton

Son of late Edward & Grace Nelson

Daughter of Hubert Barton Sr. & the late Bonita Barton

Laxsgiik / Laxgibuu

Wilps Sim'oogidim Xsgaak, Luuya'as

gans Wilps Niy's-Lisyeen

Wedding: John F. Moore & Bonnie W. M. Stanley

Son of Late John H. Moore & Late Esther Aksidan

Daughter of Late Percy Stanley & Late Ramona Smythe

Ganada / Gisk'aast

Wilps Axdii Wil Luugooda / Wilps Ni'isy'uus

GIngolx, B.C.

Dinner of Thanksgiving

Hosted by:

Edward Allen, Ron Telek, Grace Allen

Gingolx, B.C.

Breaking the Chains Conference

Conference and Workshops with Evening Services


Hubert Barton, Vernon Stewart, Sr., or George Moore

Thanksgiving Feast For Smythe & Stanley Family

Hosted by Val & Donny Doolan


Garrett Doolan; Scotty Stanley; Keith Smythe; Murphy Stanley

Doors will open at 4pm

Silver Wedding Anniversary - Chris & Rachael Stanley

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Rachael Stanley

Ganada / Gisk'aast

Wilps Ni'isy'uus gans Axdii Wil Luugooda

Original Anniversary: November 2, 2015

Gingolx, B.C.

Wedding - William "Scotty" Stanley / Shannon N Morgan

William "Scotty" Stanley / Shannon N Morgan

Son of: (late) William E Stanley & Esther Stevens

Daughter of: James Lincoln & Jaqueline Morgan

Laxgibuu / Ganada

Wilps Kw'axsuu & Ni'islisyan

Watayhayetsxw from Gitanyow

Gingolx, B.C. - Gingolx Memorial Centre


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