Gingolx (Kincolith)

Hobiyee 2015

On behalf of the Hobiyee committee & the community of Gingolx (AKA Kincolith) the community has once again been struck with another death this morning.  Our Gingolx Elders gathered the community together for a public meeting held today at the Long House at 1:30 pm to discuss the 4 deaths we have encountered in the past few weeks, with that our community has passed a motion to postpone Hobiyee F

Art Therapy & Healing Workshop - Gingolx and Laxgalts'ap

Art Therapy & Healing Workshops!

Including: History of Colonialism, Indian Residential Schools, Intergenerational Trauma, Art Therapy, Grief & Loss , Forgiveness & Sharing Circles.

Indian Residential School Society:

Art Therapist - Adeline Brown

Workshop Facilitator - Angela White

...see attached poster for further information...

Nisga'a Marine Individual Sale Fishery

Public Notice

Nisga’a Marine Individual Sale Fishery

16 hour opening Thursday, June 19th 6:00 to 22:00


Truck Blessing and Boat Launch

Blessing of vehicle and of a boat. 

Wilps Wisim Xbiltkw - Gisk'aast Pdeek'

Open House and Invitation to Comment (Gingolx & Laxgalts'ap)



The BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) has scheduled Open Houses that includes dates and locations in the Nass Valley with respect to proposed projects that will impact Nisga`a Lands.

Nisga`a Lisims Government encourages all residents living on Nisga`a Lands to participate in the Open Houses that will be taking place as follows:

Open House and Invitation to Comment:

Wedding - Carrie Doolan & Chris Stewart

Carrie Doolan is the daughter of Steven & Agnes Doolan  - Wilps Luuya'as - Laxsgiik Pdeek.

Chris Stewart is the son of Tina Grant & Doug Stewart - Haisla

Wedding - Graham Watts & Sinobo Doolan

Graham Watts & Sinobo Doolan

Graham is Laxgibuu, Wilps Ni'isliisyaan.  Graham's parents are Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Watts, Sr.

Sinobo is Ksim Ganada, Wilps Axdii Wil Luugooda.  Sinobo's parents are Racheal Stanley & Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Doolan


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