Council of Elders appointees take oath of office.

On January 24, 2018, first orders of business at the monthly NLG Executive meeting was a blessing of the Ganim Siwilyeenskw, and a swearing-in ceremony for the Council of Elders. The following are Regular and Alternate appointees that took Oath of Office administered by Noxs Wi-Luugaamiks Hloks, Eva Clayton, President of the Nisga'a Nation.

  1. Clyde Garret Davis -  Sim’oogit W’ii Gilaxnamk’ap

  2. Jacob Nyce – Sim’oogit Baxk’ap

  3. Arnold Harry Martin – Sim’oogit Genuu-Gaak

  4. Harry Moore – Sim’oogit Luudisdoos

  5. Lorene Plante – Sigidim-nak’ Lootkw

  6. Oliver McNeil – Sim’oogit Adaahlgan

  7.  Wilma Moore – Sigidim-nak’ Axdii Wil T’aa

  8. Lavinia Clayton – Sigidim-nak’ Sim’oogidim Sigidim-nak

  9. Jeffrey Clifford Azak – Sim’oogit Axgwindaskw

    The Council is established pursuant to the Constitution of the Nisga'a Nation and the Nisga'a Government Act to nurture the spirit of the Nisga'a Nation; provide guidance to interpretation of the Ayuuk; and advise Nisga'a Government on matters relating to the traditional values of the Nisga'a Nation.

    For more photos of the ceremony, visit our photo album here.

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