NLG Covid-19 Webinar #7: Update on Suspected COVID-19 Exposure within the Nass Valley

Guest Panelists:

  • Brandi Trudell-Davis, CEO – Nisg̱a’a Valley Health Authority

  • Anthony Moore, NLG Emergency Response Services Manager

  • Dr. Jong Kim, I/Chief Medical Health Officer – Northern Health Authority

  • Dr. Penner, Medical Director – Nisg̱a’a Valley Health

  • Sadeed – NVHA Public Health Nurse


  1. COVID update in the Nass- Brandi Trudell-Davis

  2. COVID-19 Test Statistics Update- Sadeed 

  3. Who Is At Risk? -Dr. Penner & Dr. Kim

  4. Testing who, when and where - Dr. Penner 

    1. not definitive of transmission risk 

  5. Contact Tracing (who does what) Brandi Trudell-Davis

  6. Self Monitoring vs Active Daily Monitoring Sadeed 

  7. Next steps 

    Nisg̱a’a Emergency Preparedness Committee – Anthony Moore

    Nisg̱a’a Valley Health Authority - Brandi Trudell-Davis

  8. Question and Answer 



    UPDATE | SEPTEMBER 3, 2020:

    3 Confirmed Positive Cases of COVID-19 in the Nass Valley

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