Gingolx Photography Contest

Gingolx Education Department is sponsoring a digital photography contest with prizes for each of the 5 categories:  Abstract, Wildlife, Cultural, People, and Landscape.  Submissions are due by Nov 18th, and the judging will take place at the Open House on November 24th.  

Wills and Estates Information Sessions and Clinics


This project is sponsored by Nisga'a Lisims Government and is intended to assist Nisga'a citizens who are concerned about issues related to wills and estates.

Information sessions related to wills and estates and legal clinics are held regularly in each Nisga'a Village and are open to all Nisga'a citizens.  There is currently no charge for legal information or assistance provided at clinics.

Who should come out to the information sessions and legal clinics?

Unspoken Truths About Suicide: Detection and Intervention Strategies within First Nations Communities

This workshop
will provide you with some insights into what a person thinks and
experiences - before, during and after attempting suicide.  With this
information, understanding and knowledge, you will be better equipped
at recognizing suicidal behaviors with a focus on providing sustainable
supports for suicidal people and surviving families/communities.

See the event posting for more information.

Slash Pile Burning

During the last several weeks Lisims Forest Resources has been actively burning logging debris from cutblocks throughout Nisga'a Lands.  This is expected to continue for the next few weeks.  If you have any questions please contact Warren Fekete or Sean Harris at Nisga'a Lisims Government  250 633-3000.

NLG Offices Closed Tuesday

In recognition of Remembrance Day.

Regular hours resume on Wednesday.

Regular Nisga'a Elections Final Results

The Final results of the Regular Nisga'a Election 2008

For Nisga'a Urban Local Represntative from the
Vancouver Nisga'a Urban Local
are as follow:

Clifford Azak     66     Declared
Lily Jorgensen     34
Sherry Small     61     Declared
Cindy Tait     53




Regular Nisga'a Elections Final Results

The Final results of the Regular Nisga'a Election 2008
For  Non-NLG Directors from the Terrace Nisga'a Society
are as follow:

Yvonne Glover     115
Diane Guno      125      Declared
Marlene Robinson     143     Declared
Deborah Tait     146     Declared
Bonita Young-Mercer     140     Declared


Regular Nisga'a Elections Final Results

The Final results of the Regular Nisga'a Election 2008
For Nisga'a Urban Local Representative for the Terrace Nisga'a Urban Local
are as follow:

Phyllis Adams     109     Declared
Martin Adams      54
Gary Alexcee     48
John Gray     44
Bert Mercer      61
Fern Scodane     40
Barb Zvatora     65     Declared


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