Opportunity for Artisans

Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) is looking for local home business retailers, artisans, craftspeople and entertainers for the Atlin Terminal Waterfront Market.

$100plus your business license ($84) gets you a retail craft market location in the heart of Cow Bay steps from the cruiseship terminal.

This is an excellent opportunity for home based businesses, craftspeople, artisans and buskers to benefit from 17 cruise calls with 2500 guests and 900 crew each week!

Dying Pine on the lava beds

You may have noticed the red dying pine trees along the Lava beds this spring and summer.  Don't be fooled; these are not Mountain Pine Beetle infected trees.  The culprit is the Dothistroma Needle Rust, a forest pathogen currently causing problems throughout the NW part of the province on Pine plantations.  The needle rust thrives during wet periods, especially when overtopped by other trees.  On Nisga'a Lands approximately 1000 hectares is currently at risk because of this disease.

Forest Fire Hazard

The fire hazard in the northern portions of Nisga'a Lands is high and moderate elsewhere.  If you plan to go out and enjoy the forest or any recreation sites please exercise caution.  Camp fires and discarded cigarettes will easily ignite surrounding grasses, branches and other small debris. 

If you see smoke or flames, please report it by calling toll free 1‚Äë800‚Äë663‚Äë5555.

River Watch - June 8

River discharges peaked at about 4200 Saturday night and then started to drop getting to about 4075 cms by noon Sunday. Over the day it started to rise again but much more slowly - only getting to about 4250 cms by midnight. As of 6 am this morning river discharge had dropped again to about 4150 cms.

Given that it is not forecast to get warmer it looks like we have peaked. It may climb back up to around 4200 cms by noon today but it will likely drop even faster tomorrow night as we begin to run out of snow at lower elevations.

River Watch June 7

Update 7 pm: The increase in water on the road between 8:30 this morning and after lunch today was likely due to the rising tide. The 3pm update showed very little difference between 12 and 3 today. Water discharge is still at about 4100 cms. 


River levels reached 4200 cms by midnight last night and dropped to just under 4100 cms by noon today. It may rise again to about 4500-4600 cms by midnight tonight suggesting that we will have a small amount of water across the road sometime this evening.

River Watch - June 5

The BC River Forecast Centre is issuing Flood Watch for rivers in the BC north-west, including the Skeena River, Nass River and Kitsumkalum River, and other rivers and streams within these basins.

A Flood Watch means that river levels are rising and will approach or may exceed bankfull. Flooding of areas adjacent to affected rivers may occur.

River Watch - June 3

River Gauge
River levels are climbing quickly but this is expected for this time of year. Looking at the gauge we can see that river levels are fluctuating between above and below average levels and can be expected to continue rising.  As of early this morning discharge rates were at about 2400 cms and rising.

Cedar-Kiteen Gauge
The snow here is melting rapidly (accounting for the corresponding rise in river levels). The snow is about half gone now and will be virtually all melted in 1 to 2 weeks.



Preparing for Health Careers

Aboriginal Pre-Health Program

The Aboriginal Pre-Health Program will provide you with an excellent opportunity to explore various health career options while building the necessary academic pre-requisites that will help you pursue a health science program such as nursing, midwifery, or dental hygenist, to name a few. The program is based at the SFU Surrey campus.

What does it cost?
This program is tuition free. Students are responsible for covering the costs of learning materials in the amount of $250 per term.

River Watch - May 29

The cool weather has kept river levels low. The hot weather forecast for next week will cause rivers to rise. There is still a lot of snow in the mountains (it's still snowing at high elevations). If the snow melts quickly the chances there will be flooding will increase.

Being prepared is the best action you can take. There are a number of publications on this site which describe what you should do:

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