Climate Change, Marine Predation, Trawl By-catch, and Changing Habitat — The Fate of Nass Eulachon?

Eulachon are an extremely important food source to many First Nations on the Pacific coast and play a significant role in the cultural heritage of the Nisga'a Nation. Although eulachon were once plentiful in most spawning rivers in BC, their runs appear to have declined in a number of rivers, particularly in southern areas (Klinaklini, Wannock, and Fraser).   We hear of stocks on the Skeena and in Kemano showing signs of ‘stress' .


The Nisga’a Coast Watch program has been on my radar for over a year now, and appears to be heading in the right direction.  This program is one of several community initiatives that are happening up and down the coast, not only in BC but as far away as California.  This is not a DFO program, but is intended to be ‘owned’ and developed by the local community—by you.  In order for the Nisga’a Nation to move in the right direction, Nisga’a citizens must receive accurate information—and so, my input on DFO enforcement activities in 2008 were, as follows:

Nisga'a Coast Watch and Our Youth

We are proud to continue our issue of “Nisga’a Coast Watch”.  Nisga’a Fisheries & Wildlife remains dedicated to protecting marine resources (E.g. abalone)  from illegal harvest on the north coast of B.C. through patrols, raising awareness of the threatened status of abalone and other species at risk, and encouraging community participation through volunteer and Nisga'a Fisheries staff in “Coast Watch”: watching out for and reporting illegal harvest.

SD92 Setting a Vision for Learning

The School District has started a visioning process whose goals are to:

  • articulate a vision for learning in the Nisga'a School District;
  • inform planning for learning;
  • enhance relationships between the schools and the communities in the Nass Valley.

To support this process the district has created a steeing committee and advisory committee. Members on the Steering Committee includes:

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Nisga'a Lisims Government's Wills and Estates Project Important Notice for Nisga'a Citizens

March 2009 will be the last month of the regular Monthly Legal Clinics held in each of the 4 Nisga'a Villages.   For further information please contact Dorothy Elliott, Coordinator at her Direct Phone Line:  (250) 633-3091 or Toll Free:  1-866-633-0888 local 3091 or via Email:

MARCH 4, 2009 in Gitwinksihlkw

MARCH 11, 2009 in New Aiyansh

MARCH 18, 2009 in Laxgalts'ap

MARCH 25, 2009 in Gingolx

Proposal Call - Regional First Nations Youth Spring Break Camps

The First Nations Health Council would like to support the First Nations communities in Northern Health to facilitate high risk Youth Suicide Prevention Camps.  The FNHC would like the camps to be unique, innovative and meaningful.  The proposal template will outline expectations, objectives and outcomes of these camps.  Upon completion of the camps, a short report including photographs will be required.

For more information, the leads for this project will be:

2009 ICT Summit

2009 ICT Summit - The Summit will be held on February 20-22 at the Vancouver Coast Plaza Hotel, with a First Nations Pre-Conference on February 19.

Physical Activity Awareness Grants

Physical Activity Awareness Grants - BC Recreation and Parks Association’s Community Based Awareness (CBA) Initiative is increasing awareness at the community level of the benefits of and opportunities for physical activity.


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