Nass Stock Assessment Update - Monday, July 21, 2008

Attached is a stock assessment summary update for the nass river (pdf format) from the nisga'a fisheries and wildlife department of nisga'a lisims government.  Sayt-k'il'im-goot.

All data presented in this update are preliminary and subject to change with further assessment information that becomes available and should be interpretated cautiously for in-season assessment purposes only.

Archived updates and announcements from nisga'a fisheries and wildlife department are available at the following link:

Why The Nisga'a Treaty Is So Important

Nelson Leeson,
National Post Published: Friday,
July 18, 2008

Sarah Clayton

Wil dip k'ax amgoohl
Sigidimnak' t-an kwsdaksdim

T'ooyaksim niin Sigidimnak'
Ukwst'aa ahl wii t'isim gan wilxo'oskw ginamin as nuum. Hlaa mi
niiwahl genxhl adiigwil hooyihl ga nitsiits'gum ganhl
ga niye'etgum - gan wilhl - Haagwil hiyeen Sigidimnak' - Haagwil hiyeen. 

Sarah Clayton, Ganada -
November 23rd, 1920 - July 6th, 2008

Nisga'a Lisims Government and
Staff extends its deepest sympathies to the family.

Development Potential of Broadband

A list of some of the initiatives that are possible in the  community once broadband telecommunications capacity is installed and operational. This menu provides some of the activities that will create economic development and capacity building within the First Nation.

The Nisga’a Business Development Fund Act

This Act is to provide Nisga’a business initiatives with an alternative source of business development funds. Our focus is to work with Nisga'a to fund businesses and economic development activities that are financially viable and contribute to the well-being (sustainable employment) and wealth generation of the Nisga'a, leveraging other resources and investors as much as possible.


Aboriginal Business Canada
eeWe help Aboriginal entrepreneurs and organizations to achieve their business goals.

Nisga'a Nation Statement on Residential School Apology


June 12, 2008

Nisga'a Nation Statement on
Residential School Apology 

NEW AIYANSH, B.C.: The Nisga'a Nation's Legislative
Assembly, known as Wilp Si'Ayuukhl Nisga'a, took time to witness
a historic moment in Canada's
history as Prime Minister Harper on behalf of the Government of Canada and all
Canadians, apologized for the reprehensible Indian Residential School Policy.

GST Poster in Nisga'a

Ksi-Makñ'a'ahl Lisims Government Gñanhl Revenue Canada

Hlaa t gwin wilaayÃìinhl
Nisgña'a Lisims Government gñanhl Revenue Canada Agency wil hlaa dim
xñhlgño'otkwhl Goods gñanhl Services Tax (GST)

Sit'aatkwsit ksgñoogñam
sa ahl hloḵsa Miso'o, 2008, tx̱aa n̓itkwshl aguhl dim giikwsit, dim woot'gwit
ii 5%hl dim tkñ'al-xñhlgño'otgwit ahl laxñ-ts'eets'ikskwhl Nisgña'a.

Canada Revenue Agency News Release in Nisga'a

Lisims Government gñanhl Revenue Canada wil hlaa dim sit'aatkws dim wil sayt
dokñkwhl GST.

GST Fact Sheet in Nisga'a

Tgunhl Dim K'ap Wilaayin

luu-ukshl ksgñoogñam sa ahl hlokñsa Miso'o, 2008 aam mi sim wilaax mi dim wil
sim xñhlgño'ohl GST jidaa mi woot'ihl ligii agu ojiligii kw'ihl dokñ'a'an.

Hlaa nÃìihl
dim wilt tgun ahl laxñ-ts'eets'ikskwhl Nisgña'a gñanhl naahl jaxñjogñat ahl



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