WSN Recognition Ceremony

At it's meeting on March 28 WSN formally recognized Hubert Doolan for his outstanding contributions to the Nation. The Chairperson and Secretary Treasurer (in the place of the President who was not able to attend due to illness) both shared stories about Hubert's work with the Nisga'a Tribal Council and moving the land claims question forward to its ultimate resolution.

Hubert was provided with the opportunity to address WSN and spoke of the past and present and the lessons they have for our future. At the conclusion of his talk members of WSN gave him a standing ovation.

November Conference: BC Treaty Commission & Nisga'a Nation

In partnership with the BCTC the Nation held a joint conference November 14 – 16, 2007 in Vancouver. With the theme, for the event “Preparing for the Day After Treaty”. The following were the workshop sessions:

Clarification of Relationship with Nisga'a Knit & Apparel

The NLG was present at a press conference of the Kootenay Knitting & Nisga’a Knit & Apparel Corp. to kick off their business relationship. There was an impression that the “Nation” is a partner to the project and that is not the case.

Nisga'a Conservation Officer

A meeting was held last month with the provincial Conservation Officer Service (COS) staff to gain information on recruiting and retaining a trained conservation or enforcement officer with NLG. The COS extended an invitation to work together in some manner to ensure the recruitment and training of the position. Further meetings are planned internally to further develop the recruitment process.

Management Information System

The NLG has contracted with Price Waterhouse Coopers to perform a thorough review of our system. This review is going well and we have already had a number of reports on the progress including a taste of some preliminary recommendations.

Banking Services

The CEO and Acting Director of Finance met with senior bankers at RBC Royal Bank and discussed the following topics:

First Nations Goods and Services Tax

The Tripartite Finance Committee formed a working group to deal with the technical aspects of this matter. GST and PST are inevitable based on the treaty. The intention of this working group is to explore ways and means such that when the taxes are charged, there will be a significant revenue stream back to the Nisga'a Nation.

Provincial Sales Tax

At the recent Tripartite Finance Committee, representatives from the Provincial Government indicated that there is a provision for a portion of the PST paid by Nisga'a citizens to be rebated to the NLG. The working group of the Tripartite Finance committee will be analyzing PST as well as GST.

Logging Activity on Nisga'a Lands

Logging activity is slowing down considerably due to log market slowdown, the increased value of the Canadian dollar compared to the US dollar, and seasonal factors. Total volume scaled for October was 4,118.48 cubic meters. The following is a summary of volumes under each block and timber mark:


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