Agnes Doolan on NCRT and the Challenges We Face

Agnes Doolan
“The suicide epidemic deeply and profoundly affected me as a caregiver in the Nisg-a’a Nation. We immediately saw the need to provide more preventative workshops for those in crisis or to those that respond to a suicide situation. Our Nisg-a’a Community Response Team is now trained to deliver the prevention workshops in each community.”

Olympic Torch Coming to New Aiyansh!

The 2010 Organizing Committee VANOC released the Olympic Torch route on November 21, 2008 and New Aiyansh is as one of the more than 1,000 communities that the torch will pass through. The torch will arrive in New Aiyansh on February 1, 2010.

Nisga'a Settlement Trust

The Interim Nisga’a Settlement Trust is intended to provide financial security for future generations of Nisga’a citizens. A total of $78,740,234 has been invested by NLG in the fund to the end of November 2008. The value of the investment fund at the end of November 2008 was $79,551,834.

Bridge Work Delayed

The Diks’angiik Baily Bridge was originally scheduled to be upgraded to B.C. provincial highway standards in 2009. The bridge replacement and repaving the highway from Big Cedar Bridge to Terrace have both been rescheduled to 2010 according to Ministry of Transportation.

Individual Nisga'a Land Holdings

In accordance with the direction of the Executive, and with consideration to the views of Nisga’a citizens as expressed in village meetings, draft legislation and legislative amendments are being prepared that would provide individual Nisga’a land holders with ownership of fee simple estates registered in the Nisga’a Land title system with unrestricted transferability.

Appointments to Outside Boards, Agencies or Committees

Approved at the NLG Executive Meeting on Dec. 16, 2008.

Tripartite Implementation Committee - Kevin McKay

Tripartite Finance Committee - Edmond Wright

Joint Wildlife Management Committee - Collier Azak, Harry Nyce Sr., Gerald Robinson

Joint Park Management Committee - Harry Nyce Sr., Collier Azak, Art Mercer

Joint Fisheries Management Committee - Harry Nyce Sr., Franklin Alexcee

Wilp Wilxo'oskwhl Nisga'a - Jacob McKay

Nisga'a Valley Health Board - James Moore

Statutory and Standing Committee Memberships

The Striking Committee reviewed suggested committee members from Village Governments and Urban Locals and recommended committee membership and chairpersons.

Click "Read More" for a list of the committees, their chairs and members.

NLG Standing committees, their chairs and members are:

Nisga'a Finance Committee - 5 members

  • Corinne McKay, Chairperson
  • Edmond Wright, Charles Morven, WIlliam Moore, Gwen Nelson

Nisga'a Capital Finance Commission - 6 members

Keeping Our Highways Safe

The Ministry of Transportation and Highways classifies highways based on traffic volumes. The classification determines maintenance standards. The Nisga’a Highway is a Class C highway.

Maintenance contractors must meet the standards in their contracts. A summary of the standards for our roads in the winter follows.

Getting Help for Substance Use

Substance use falls on a continuum based on
frequency, intensity, and degree of dependency. The transition from use
that may be “normal” to use that is problematic can be a slow, gradual
process. Alternatively, problem substance use can occur more quickly,
such as heavy drinking following a relationship loss, or increased
dependence on pain medications following an accident. Addiction, the
most serious level of substance use, is a disorder identified with loss
of control, preoccupation with disabling substances, and continued use


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