Logging Activity on Nisga'a Lands

Logging activity is slowing down considerably due to log market slowdown, the increased value of the Canadian dollar compared to the US dollar, and seasonal factors. Total volume scaled for October was 4,118.48 cubic meters. The following is a summary of volumes under each block and timber mark:

Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) Update

NLG Lands & Resources staff is planning a field project designed to identify and document any new MPB attacks which may have occurred as a result of a large windstorm earlier in the summer. A number of significant infestations have been identified in the Rosswood and Terrace areas. Staff will perform approx. 2 weeks of field work in December. The results will indicate if further actions are necessary.

Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Project: Application to extend EA03-01

General Counsel and senior management are working with the EA Office to deal with this application which was very recently made. The application includes areas that were overlooked in the previous amendment relative to changes that were approved on the proposed transmission corridor for the run-of-river project at Forrest Kerr in the Nass Area and Wildlife area. This application may be related to the recent Galore Creek announcement because the Forrest Kerr project is now owned by the same company that owns Galore Creek

Shell Pilot Project Agreement (PPA) and Forest Restoration Project Agreement

Work is coming to a conclusion in finalizing the PPA with Shell Canada. This small project agreement is anticipated to lead relatively seamlessly into a larger agreement as contemplated by the Letter of Intent if NLG and Shell Canada choose to pursue a larger forest restoration project.

Employing, Educating and Entertaining the Nisga'a Nation


The Nisga'a commercial Group currently has 18 permanent employees, of which, 15 are Nisga'a citizens.

Our seasonal employment opportunities are:

  • Silviculture: 10 - 20
  • BFP: 2 - 6
  • Fisheries: 15 - 50


Ecosystem Restoration Associates (ERA) - Forest Restoration

Work is continuing on developing a framework for establishing a long term funding source for the restoration of the Nass bottomlands ecosystems, through the sequestration of Carbon. NLG Forestry Staff are developing a methodology with ERA which will work best for the restoration of the forest over the long term. Important components include, raising capital to perform the on-ground works, ensuring funding for multiple maintenance activities occur over the years, identifying and managing the risks, and identifying and developing revenue opportunities.

Northwest Transmission Line (NTL)

NLG received the press release from Nova Gold Resources Inc., on Monday (November 26) morning announcing the suspension of the Galore Creek copper-gold project construction activities due to raising capital costs and a longer construction schedule than was anticipated. This, combined with reduced operating margins as a result of the stronger Canadian dollar, would make the project uneconomic at current consensus long-term metal prices.


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