Statutory and Standing Committee Memberships

The Striking Committee reviewed suggested committee members from Village Governments and Urban Locals and recommended committee membership and chairpersons.

Click "Read More" for a list of the committees, their chairs and members.

NLG Standing committees, their chairs and members are:

Nisga'a Finance Committee - 5 members

  • Corinne McKay, Chairperson
  • Edmond Wright, Charles Morven, WIlliam Moore, Gwen Nelson

Nisga'a Capital Finance Commission - 6 members

Keeping Our Highways Safe

The Ministry of Transportation and Highways classifies highways based on traffic volumes. The classification determines maintenance standards. The Nisga’a Highway is a Class C highway.

Maintenance contractors must meet the standards in their contracts. A summary of the standards for our roads in the winter follows.

Getting Help for Substance Use

Substance use falls on a continuum based on
frequency, intensity, and degree of dependency. The transition from use
that may be “normal” to use that is problematic can be a slow, gradual
process. Alternatively, problem substance use can occur more quickly,
such as heavy drinking following a relationship loss, or increased
dependence on pain medications following an accident. Addiction, the
most serious level of substance use, is a disorder identified with loss
of control, preoccupation with disabling substances, and continued use

Tips to Help Manage Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a stressful time, when people are suddenly
forced to deal with pressures like changes to their routines, traveling
or playing host, relationship issues, financial concerns, the risk of
overindulging, or loneliness. The Crisis Centre has come up with some
tips to help adults and teens manage holiday stress.

For Adults:

Klappan Development Moratorium

Shell Canada
will take a break in exploration activity in the Klappan and have more
discussions with First Nations and the community, Energy, Mines and Petroleum
Resources Minister Richard Neufeld announced today [Dec 5, 2008].

“Government is facilitating this by
specifying no activity for two years,” said Neufeld. “I commend both Shell
Canada for showing leadership in making this decision and the Tahltan who have
expressed their concerns and their interest in having more information.”

Drum Making

The adult students in the NWCC Essential Skills program were recent participants in a drum making workshop in Gingolx. The students are part of a village effort to provide a thunderous opening to their new community centre next fall.  The Rev. Harry Moore, Gingolx cultural advisor, was the instructor for the workshop. The students were delighted with the results, and even more so when the drums dried.  The good quality elk skins provide a wonderful, resonate sound.   

Freezing Rain/Snowfall Warning

North Coast - inland sections
3:27 AM PST Friday 5 December 2008
Freezing rain warning for
North Coast - inland sections issued

Periods of freezing rain through this morning.

is a warning that an extended period of freezing rain is expected or
occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for
updated statements.

The Late Katherine Stephens

Wil dip k'ax amgoohl Sigidimnak' t-an kwsdaksdim

T'ooyaksim niin Sigidimnak' K'amksisilkw ahl wii t'isim gan wilxo'oskw ginamin as nuum. Hlaa mi niiwahl genxhl adiigwil hooyihl ga nitsiits'gum ganhl ga niye'etgum - gan wilhl - Haagwil hiyeen Sigidimnak' - Haagwil hiyeen.

Katherine Stephens, Wilps Duuk', Laxgibuu - October 20, 1925 - November 25, 2008.

Nisga'a Lisims Government and Staff extends its deepest sympathies to the family.

Court says Crown failed to adequately consult First Nations

AN APPEAL COURT justice has stopped short of granting an area First
Nations request to revisit six forest licence renewals made by the
provincial government on its traditional territory.

Madam Justice Kathryn Neilson did find that while the province had a
legal duty to consult and accommodate the Gitanyow it failed to fulfill
its constitutional duty to do so adequately. And, in the process of
replacing those six licences, the honour of the Crown was not upheld,
she found.


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