Nisga'a Lisims Quality of Life Framework — Online Guided Survey

At Nisga'a Lisims Government, we are developing a plan to improve the quality of life of Nisga'a people. We call this plan the Nisga'a Quality of Life Strategy.

To develop this strategy, we want to include your views on what quality of life means to you by participating in a brief survey. This survey is short, easy, and your responses will remain anonymous.

What is "Quality of Life?"

Quality of life refers to a person's well-being — how well is that person doing. Often quality of life refers to how well a person is living their daily life. In this survey, we asking you to select and tell us what is important to your quality of life: Examples of things that can affect a person's quality of life include a broad range of factors such as health, culture, equality, identity, and education.

Information Related to Data Holding

If you have data you think is relevant to the Quality of Life Framework or the Quality of Life Strategy more generally, please fill in as many of the fields below as you can. If you have an idea about where we might obtain relevant data, please contribute your comments in the text box provided.

Note: if you know, please indicate the department or organization that currently holds the data.

Citizenship Number

To begin this survey, please enter your Nisga'a Citizenship Number.

Your personal information will remain confidential, your responses will remain anonymous, and none of this information will be used outside of the Quality of Life Strategy.

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In the following section, we ask that you contribute your ideas about the factors that constitute quality of life for Nisga'a citizens. The entry boxes have been pre-filled with the factors that other Nisga'a citizens using this online tool have indicated are important to their quality of life. In addition, we've included entries from the OECD's Better Life Index, the Canadian Index of Well Being, and the Community Well Being Index to provide examples of what other studies have suggested constitute well being or quality of life. If the answers provided by other users of this survey and the entries provided from the other studies do not match all the factors that you believe constitute quality of life, no problem! Simply type the additional factors that you've got in mind, and they will be added to the database.

Please enter the factors that you feel constitute quality of life in the fields below.

Please enter as many factors as you would like by pressing enter between each.