Gitlaxt’aamiks (New Aiyansh)

Notice of Property Tax Sale

Notice is hereby given that the Nisga'a Village Entitlement, Nisga'a Nation Entitlement or fee simple interest specified in the attached table in relation to a listed property will be sold at t a public auction unless the delinquent taxes in respect of the property are fully paid before the date of the auction.  

The tax sale by public auction will commence at 10:00am on Monday, October 1, 2018 at the Government Chamber, Nisga'a Lisims Government Building, in Gitlaxt'aamiks.  


See further information at the link below:

Wedding - Micheal Morgan/Kelli Robinson

Micheal Morgan/Kelli Robinson

Son of Mark & Elsie Davis

Daughter of Victor & Hilda Robinson

Ceremony in Gitlaxt'aamiks

Reception in Laxgalts'ap

Wilps Axdii Wil Luugooda (Ganada)

gans Wilps Ksdiyaawak (Laxgibuu)


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