The Giving Voice Project

The Giving Voice Project.

The Giving Voice Project is funded by the Commission for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and the Laxgalts’ap Village Government. The goal is to support victims of domestic violence in the Nass.

The members of The Giving Voice Task Force are Crystal Bright, Collier Bright, Rosanne Clayton, Julian Davis, Pamela Wright and Angella Rose (White). They were invited by the facilitators, Beverley Holmes and Sara Bristow, based upon their demonstrated roles as community mentors and their commitment to the project. The Giving Voice Project is co-ordinated by Phyllis Clark.

The project will span a year and will pull together resources presently offered in the Nass, present a sustainable action plan for what needs to be in place to address this complex issue in the future, and coordinate a safe, community-wide initiative to educate in-community Nisga’a citizens, as well as provide opportunities for truth and reconciliation.

The Giving Voice Facebook Page is a place where people can post resources, constructive ideas and insights, and build a safe and respectful community of concerned and pro-active individuals of all ages. Join the Giving Voice Facebook page and invite friends and family: play it forward.

The project hopes to give voice and empower those who have lost their voice. The conversation is starting: let’s lift our voices and be heard. Everyone has something to say.

Stay tuned for upcoming communications, events, and contests!!

          ‘It takes a community to raise a village. It takes a nation to raise a nation.’

June 3, 2021: Giving Voice and Being Heard: The 7 Invitations

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