Andrea Reid Accepts Assistant Professor Position at UBC

Andrea Reid

Nisga’a Nation member Andrea Reid has accepted the position of Assistant Professor, Indigenous Fisheries with the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries at the University of British Columbia. The post, which begins in January 2021, will involve teaching, research and mentorship. As part of this position she will also chair the Indigenous Fisheries Research Unit.

A Ph.D. candidate, Reid is currently co-supervised between Carleton University and the University of British Columbia for her Ph.D. in Biology centered on Pacific salmon fisheries and conservation. She is particularly interested in studying rivers and other freshwater systems and how they underpin and support communities in B.C.

Andrea tracking radio-tagged sockeye salmon on Hanna Creek in the Upper Nass Watershed in 2016.
(Photo credit: Collin Middleton)

Part of Reid’s work has been engaging with young people through camps and programs to help them explore the natural world. Since 2016, she has led an annual youth science camp in Gingolx via the Indigenous Student Ambassador program, with support from NSERC and the Gingolx Village Government.

“I think it’s really important to share work, get the youth on the water and open their eyes to biology and fisheries, and get them curious about the natural world. We’ve had a lot of strong students that are naturals in the fisheries world. “

Reid is also a co-founder of Riperia, a not-for-profit that creates wilderness expeditions for youth ages 14-16 that have limited access to outdoor programming. Their first expedition will happen in August 2019, a five day canoe and camping trip with 12 youth in the Poisson Blanc Regional Park in Quebec. “We hope to host an expedition in northern B.C. in 2021,” says Reid.

She is also anticipating working with and supporting Nisga’a youth. “I very much look forward to helping Nisga'a students in general feel like they have a place in the university setting, if that's something they want,” Reid says. “Whether they're going into fisheries or not, working directly with me or not, I look forward to being a presence on the UBC Campus and in Vancouver to help Nisga'a students of all disciplines and study levels (undergraduate to graduate to post-graduate) navigate that transition, and academia more generally.”

Congratulations on your upcoming post, (soon to be) Dr. Reid!

Andrea surfaces after a scuba-dive in the Kalaupapa National Historical Park on the island of Molokaʻi, Hawaii in 2014.
(Photo credit: Mikayla Wujec)

(Lead image credit: Alex Sarna)

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