Call-Out for Nisga'a Children/Youth: OWL Kids!

Call-out for Nisga'a Children/Youth

We recently received a letter from a journalist from OWL Kids. Please read their letter to us and follow up with his email (below) if you or your child are interested. We have included some notes to support your experience.


Sii.ngaay 'láa, good day!


Please forward to whomever you think may be of interest in this email.


I'm writing in hopes of finding some folks who would be interested in contributing to an article I'm writing about Hoobiyee.


My name is SG̲aana G̲aahlandaay (Killer Whale Spirit), Alix Goetzinger is my english name. I'm from the Haida Nation, and was born and raised in Skidegate, Haida Gwaii. I work for a magazine based out of Toronto called OWL Kids, where educational articles are published for youth aged 6-14. I began working for OWL last year, and have helped to connect the magazine to Indigenous Peoples and Culture on the West Coast. As the magazine is based in Toronto, a lot of their previous articles mainly included Ojibwe, Cree, and other Indigenous nations in the East.


If you're familiar with the magazine, you may have seen the special June Edition for Indigenous History Month, where the Haida Nation was featured! We talked about Haida Language, food gathering and history. It's a fantastic publication for youth to learn from, and many schools across Canada subscribe to it.


I was pitching some ideas to my editor the other day for our January/February 2023 issue, and mentioned Hoobiyee is a huge event on the coast, and a big part of Nisga'a culture. I have only attended as a guest, so I offered to write the article using interviews from Nisga'a members to ensure the information accurately represents the Nisga'a Nation and their history.


I am looking for a youth (age 6-14) to interview, possibly from one of the dance groups as we'd love to include some photos. I would also like to interview an adult or Elder to help provide a bit of background and history about Hoobiyee. The interviews would be remote, preferably someone with access to email if possible.


I of course will only write this article if I am able to find someone who is comfortable sharing, and I completely understand if not, the article can be changed to something else. Those who are interviewed will not be forced to share anything they don't want to.


Please let me know if you have any questions!


Haawa thank you,





The child will need access to email or help with email from a parent. NLG recommends having any photos you might want to include ready to email. If you have more than one, consider saving them in a zip file for easy delivery.

Please email Alix at


For an example please take a look at this PDF:



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