Reminder: Deadline for 2019 Nisga’a Home Owner Grant is Dec. 31, 2019

If you qualify and have not completed the application for 2019 we will require your application before the deadline.

There are two types of home owner grants, the:

  • Basic grant
  • Senior/additional grant

You might be eligible for an additional grant, if you:

  1. Are 65 years old, or older
  2. Have a disability

If you qualify for an additional grant, you must provide supporting documents.

Are you 65 years old, or older? Please provide your date of birth when claiming your grant. You can only claim one type of home owner grant. The amount of property tax you pay is dependent on which home owner grant you’re able to claim.

Applying for the Home Owner Grant

If you qualify for the home owner grant, you must apply each year to receive it. You must apply every year because the previous year’s information may be out of date if your residential circumstance has changed. This may affect your qualifications for the grant.

Submit your application to the Nisga’a Lisims Government Property Taxation Department.

A home owner grant application is included with your property tax notice. If you don’t have your tax notice, contact Christina Dyer at 250-633-3000 or email

Who Can Apply

Only one qualifying owner can claim a grant for a property each year.

Grant amounts may be higher for homeowners who qualify as a senior or person with a disability. The homeowner who meets these qualifications must be the one who applies in order to receive the higher grant amount for that residence.

If you pay your property taxes through your financial institution, your financial institution will not apply for the home owner grant on your behalf.

Deceased Owner

You can apply for the home owner grant for a property that is still registered in the name of a deceased owner or in the name of the executor or administrator of their estate, if you meet the following requirements: 

  • You’re the spouse, child, grandchild, parent, brother or sister of the deceased owner
  • The deceased owner would have qualified for the home owner grant
  • You occupied the residence as your principal residence on the date of the owner’s death
  • The property is still your principal residence
  • If the owner’s death occurred in the current year, you’ll receive the amount they would have been entitled to. If the owner would have qualified for an additional grant, you'll be entitled to the extra grant amount regardless of your status.

If the owner’s death occurred in previous years, you’ll receive the amount you qualify for.

When to Apply

Apply for the home owner grant when you receive your property tax notice.

Late payment penalties may apply if your application is not received by the Nisga’a Lisims Property Taxation Department before the due date for your taxes. The grant is a form of payment towards your property taxes and it is considered a late payment if you apply late.

However, you can still apply for the home owner grant until December 31 of the current tax year. You can apply even if you haven’t paid your property taxes.

Required Documentation

Remember to include all required documentation with your application, if any additional documentation is required.

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