Nisga'a Youth Leadership Ambassadors


Nisga’a Youth Leadership Ambassadors - Logan Angus, Helina Stephens, and Patrick Guno started working with NLG Youth Engagement in mid-October. The trio started by observing the October NLG executive meetings, followed by the October Wilp Si’ayuukhl Nisga’a (WSN) sitting. The youth then met with NLG in-house legal counsel in November and were given an overview on the Nisga’a Government Act, WSN Rules of Procedure, Self-Governance and the Nisga’a Treaty, and the Roles and Responsibilities of NLG and Nisga’a Village Government. In December they assisted with the 20 Year Commemorative Calendar distribution and observed the December executive meeting. They were recently invited to attend the Council of Elders Simgigat-Sigidimhaanak’ meeting held at NLG.

The youth were invited to the January NLG executive meeting to make a presentation to the executive on their learning journey to date. They spoke of their observations since October and highlighted areas of interest. The leadership will also be assisting with planning for the upcoming Elders and Youth Forum being held in Gitwinksihlkw in early March.

Logan, Helina and Patrick have been observing areas of Nisga’a Governance in preparation for the Gordon Foundation Treaty Implementation Simulation and the Land Claims Agreement Coalition National Conference held in Ottawa in early February. 

Si’aamhl wilsim̓!

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