About NCFS

Nisga’a Child and Family Services has achieved full child protection services for the four communities of Gitlaxt’aamiks, Gitwinksihlkw, Laxgalts’ap and Gingolx. In compliance with CFCSA, and guided by our Ayuuk, four delegated Child Protection workers and one Team Leader ensure that the safety and well-being of children are the utmost priority. NCFS uses a community based approach with a strength based model addressing issues in a manner that is sensitive to the historical impacts on families without minimizing children’s safety. With office located in New Aiyansh (Gitlaxt’aamiks), Terrace and Prince Rupert, NCFS provides both statutory services (an extension of the child welfare law) and non-statutory services (volunteer community services).

Family Support Services

NCFS offers support services for families, which promote sound parenting practices and respite care. Voluntary care agreements allow parents to place their children in a safe, approved home during medical treatment or training. Special Needs agreements ensure the safe care of children with special needs. NCFS also distributes support payments to families for providing foster care for Nisga’a children in Nisga’a family care homes.

Other services include:

  • Family Group Conference Program, which provides a venue for alternative family dispute resolution.
  • Infant Development Program, which benefits children from birth to three years of age by providing support and education for parents.
  • Supported Child Care Development Program, which supports and provides advocacy for children with special needs.
    • Clinical Therapist access for NCFS clients.
    • Family Skills Program, for NCFS clients

NCFS Staffing

Director of Practice: Loretta Stewart

Family Group Conference


Laverne Stewart, Family Group Conference Coordinator

Child Safety

Michael Davis, Team Leader
Leslie Robinson, Child Safety Social Worker
Marsha Moore, Child Safety Social Worker
Abeline Stewart, Child Safety Social Worker
Susan Guno, Child Safety Social Worker
Keisha Stevens, Resource Social Worker
VACANT, Guardianship Social Worker
Genna Robinson, Social Worker Assistant
Rhonda Grandison, Team Assistant

Family Support Services

Joanne Davis, Family Services Program Manager
Elsie Davis, Family Skills Team Leader
Julian Davis, Family Skills Worker
Patricia Stewart, Family Skills Worker
Shirley Ducharme, Supported Child Development Consultant
Debra Stewart, Supported Child Development Support Worker
Kerinda Munroe, Supported Child Development Consultant
Charlene Morven, Sr. Team Assistant
VACANT, Aboriginal Child Youth Mental Health Worker
VACANT, Family Therapist
VACANT, Infant Development Coordinator

Off Nisga’a Lands

Terrace Office

Daphne Stevens, Team Leader
Ruth Demke, Resource Social Worker
Denis Gagne, Guardianship Social Worker
Jesse Rendell, Resource Social Worker
Silena Fisher, Guardianship Social Worker
Laura Letourneau, Guardianship Social Worker
Lyle Adams, Family Skills Worker
Pamela Brown, Team Assistant
Gail Seymour, Team Assistant

Prince Rupert Office

Daphne Stevens, Team Leader
VACANT, Guardianship Social Worker
Roberta Smith, Team Assistant

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