About NCFS

NLG provides service options to ensure the protection and well-being of Nisga’a children in the least intrusive way possible, consistent with both the Ayuukhl Nisga’a and British Columbia statutes and policies. This is achieved through Nisga’a Child and Family Services (NCFS), which works to support Nisga’a families through the promotion and utilization of the Ayuuk.

Our mission at NCFS is by maintaining the Nisga’a family through the utilization of the Ayuuk, we will ensure the spiritual, physical, mental emotional and cultural well-being of all Nisga’a children.

It is understood that the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) has primary responsibility for providing protective services to Nisga’a children and their families both on and off Nisga’a lands, with full disclosure between MCFD and NCFS.

Staff are bound by the confidentiality policies of their respective agencies.


NCFS Staffing

Under the administration of the Nisga’a Lisims Government, the organizational structure is as follows:

Director of Practice for NCFS: Agnes Taylor

C6 Delegated Services

  • Loretta Stewart, C6 Child Safety
  • Renata Moore, C5 Child Safety
  • Janet Nisyok, C5 Child Safety
  • Mike Davis, C5 Child Safety
  • Abby Stewart, C4 Guardianship Resource Worker
  • Charlene Morven, Team Assistant Supervisor
  • Genna Robinson, Team Assistant

Family Sevices

  • Joanne Davis, Family Services Program Manager
  • Susan Guno, Family Skills Worker Team Leader
  • Mary Temple, Family Skills Worker
  • Wesley King, Family Skills Worker
  • Marsha Stephens, Coordinator, Family Group Conferencing
  • Jackie Gosnell, Infant Development Coordinator
  • Cheryl Tait, Supported Child Development Consultant
  • Shirley Ducharme, Supported Child Development Consultant

C4 Services - Off Nisga'a Lands

Terrace Office

  • Daphne Stevens, C4 Team Leader
  • Angela Mercer, C4 Social Worker
  • Silena Fisher, C4 Social Worker
  • Pamela Brown, Team Assistant
  • Gail Seymour, Receptionist
  • Joyce Bradley, Youth/Family Skills Worker

Prince Rupert Office

  • Daphne Stevens, C4 Team Leader
  • Michelle Gaudry, C4 Guardianship and Resource Worker
  • Roberta Morgan, Team Assistant


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