Economic Development Department

Nisga'a Economic Development

The Nisga'a Nation is blessed with abundant natural resources and a naturally resourceful people. Now that our land is secure under the Nisga'a Final Agreement, Nisga'a Lisims Government and the Nisga'a people are busy building capacity, exploring opportunities, and developing our economy for long-term sustainability.

Nisga'a Economy

The Nisga'a Nation is a fully-integrated part of northwest British Columbia's economy, with an abundant water supply, safe road access, and fibre-optic, broadband Internet access. The primary industries in the Nass Valley are fishing and forestry, which are complemented by employment in the government, education, and healthcare sectors. Infrastructure improvements have brought new jobs and skills to the Nass Valley while tourism and telecommunication offer the promise of expanding and diversified employment opportunities.

From small, local business initiatives to international partnerships, Nisga'a Lisims Government actively supports and facilitates new initiatives to improve employment opportunities in the Nass Valley. Open for Business Through the Nisga'a Final Agreement, Nisga'a Lands and resources are secure. With agreement comes certainty; with certainty comes the confidence to move forward.The Nisga'a Nation has 2,000 square kilometres of land, a constitutionally recognized and responsible government, and a workforce seeking employment and opportunities.

We're open to new possibilities, partnerships, and ideas.

• Secure lands

• Mature forests

• Thriving fishery

• Proactive government

• Independent Nisga'a Commercial Group of Companies

• Enhanced transportation & telecommunication infrastructure

• Sound environmental stewardship Nisga'a Lisims Government has an active Economic development Department running many programs and initiatives to advance economic opportunity for Nisga'a Lisims Government as an entity and for individual Nisga'a citizens and private Nisga'a companies.


For Information about this contact:

Janice Angus, Executive Director

Nisga’a Lisims Government

PO Box 231, 2000 Lisims Drive

Gitlaxt'aamiks (formerly New Aiyansh) Village Government, British Columbia

Canada, V0J 1A0

Tel: 250 633 3000 Toll Free: 1 866 633 0888 Fax: 250 633 2367

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