Wedding - Jared Clayton and Joleen Sampson

Jared Timothy James Clayton is the son of John Sr. & Betty Clayton - Wilps Laay' - Laxsgiik Pdeek


Wedding - Natasha Moore & Ryn Woods

Daughter of Teresa Moore & the Late Charles Moore

Son of Eric Woords & Marjorie Woods (Walker)

Gisk'aast/ Raven (Haisla)


Wedding - David Warford & Leanne Wright

Son of James Warford & Maryanne Cockburn

Daughter of Max & Betty Wright


Wilps Ksim Xsaan/Wilps Duuk'

Wedding - Allen Gonu & Samantha McNeil

Son of Rueben & Charlotte Gonu.

Daughter of Ken & Geraldine McNeil.

Laxgibuu/ Ganada

Wilps Wii N'aa Buxw gans Wilps Gou'gw'ason

Wedding - Daryl Bolton & Vanessa Jules

Son of Andrew Bolton Sr. & Wendy Bolton.

Daughter of Sharon Gosnell & the late Robert Jules. Granddaughter of Joseph & Adele Gosnell.

Laxsgiik / Ganada

Haisla Nation gans Wilps Ksim Xsaan

Date changed to October 07th 2017

Wedding - Steven Morgan & Andrea Dawson

Son of Don & Elsie Davis

Daughter of Frank & Jocelyn Dawson

Ganada / Laxsgiik

Wilps Axdii Wil Luugoodia gans Wilps Hleek'

Wedding - Earl Hill & Loretta Mercer

Son of the Late George Woods & Annabelle Woods

Daughter of Cecil Mercer Sr. & Lillian Tait

Laxsgiik / Laxgibuu

Wilps Kitkatla gans Wilps Duuk'

Wedding - Julian Davis & Deidre Stephens

Daughter of Cheryl Stephens & Albert M. Stephens

Son of Marlene & Homer Robinson

Laxsgiik/ Ganada

Wilps Simoogidim Xsgaak / Wilps Ksim Xsaan

Wedding - Franklin McDonald & Kimberly Munroe

Son of Alexis Lunquist & the Late Edward McDonald

Daughter of Kathleen Munroe & the Late Samuel Munroe

Laxsgiik/ Laxgibuu

Wilps Gitxhoon/ Wilps Ksdiyaawak


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