Wedding - Daniel Alexcee/Phyllis Adams

Daniel Alexcee/Phyllis Adams


Wilps Axkii M'in'aajaax gans Ksim Xsaan

Wedding - Paul Papps / Alexandra Angus

Daughter of Late James Angus and Michelle Angus

Bear / Gisk;'aast

Moose Factory / Wilps Wisin Xbil̓tkw

Terrace, B.C.

Wedding - Neil Bright & Alexis Dennis

Son of the late Marcus Bright & Kathleen Maitland

Daughter of Irvin & Betty Henyu

Lax̱sgiik - Wilps Bayt-N̓eeḵhl / Lax̱gibuu - Tahltan

Wedding: Keffer Doolan / April Edgars

Son of Laverne (Smythe) Cathers

Blosom Edgars & Late Henry Wilson

Ganada / Gisk'aast

Wilps Ni'isy'uus / Haida Gwaii

Terrace, B.C.

Wedding - Brandon Francois & Rochelle Moore

Son of Rocky Tomma & Charlotte Francois

Daughter of Rod & Elaine Moore

Ganada / Laxgibuu

Wilps Ksim Xsaan (Brandon's adopted mother Millie Azak)

Wilps Axgwindaskw Nisga'a

Terrace, B.C.


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