Consumer Taxation

In accordance with the Treaty, relief from consumption taxes — in the form of remission orders — expired, on June 1, 2008 for all persons within Nisga’a Lands and for Nisga’a citizens anywhere in Canada. Like other governments, NLG has the authority to levy taxes within its jurisdiction to provide services and enhance the quality of life for its citizens.

Property Taxation

Representatives of NLG and British Columbia have met to discuss delegation of British Columbia's property tax powers to NLG. The parties continue to work toward an agreement.

Income Taxation

As with consumer and property tax, Nisga’a citizens will no longer be exempt from income tax effective January 1, 2013. British Columbia and NLG are negotiating a personal income tax revenue sharing agreement. The Parties expect that in 2013, British Columbia will receive 50 percent of British Columbia personal income tax paid by Nisga’a Citizens who live on Nisga’a Lands.

Canada Revenue Agency Online Resources

For more information about your income tax obligations and benefit entitlements, visit the Canada Revenue Agency online at

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