Declaration of the Nisga’a Nation: We are Nisga’a, the people of K’aliaksim Lisims — From time immemorial we have lived in the lands that K’amligiihahlhat gave to our ancestors. We observe Ayuukhl Nisga’a, we have heard our Adaawak relating to all our Ango’oskw, from the Simgigat and Sigidimhaanak’ of each of our wilp. We honour and respect the principle of the common bowl. We are Nisga’a — Since the beginning of time, our leaders have upheld the honour of our nation, and many have grown old and passed on seeking justice for our people. We have heard their stories, we celebrate their loyalty, and we are inspired by their courage. Their struggle was not in vain, their work is now finished, their vision is realized in our time.

Our canoe has been launched, our journey continues. We are Nisga’a, we declare to all the world — We are a unique aboriginal nation of Canada, proud of our history, and assured in our future. We claim and take our rightful place as equal participants in Canadian society. Our destiny is living peacefully together with the other nations in Canada. We commit ourselves to the values of our Ayuuk which have always sustained us and by which we govern ourselves, and we each acknowledge our accountability to those values, and to the Nisga’a Nation.

We adopt this Constitution, recording here a solemn promise to ourselves and our future generations, confident that under this Constitution — The Nisga’a Nation will prosper as a self-reliant society with a sustainable economy; Nisga’a culture, self-determination, and well-being will be preserved and enhanced for generations to come; The traditional role that the Simgigat and Sigidimhaanak’, and respected Nisga’a elders, as recognized and honoured in Nisga’a culture from time immemorial, will be respected; Nisga’a elders, Simgigat and Sigidimhaanak’ will continue to provide guidance and interpretation of the Ayuuk to Nisga’a government; Nisga’a spirituality will thrive and prevail in this land that K’amligiihahlhat gave to us; and The Nisga’a Nation will flourish as a free and democratic society.

We are Nisga’a, the people of K’aliaksim Lisims — May K’amligiihahlhat continue to protect our land and nation.

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