Forest Management

Long ago, our ancestors built a culture and economy that respects and protects the natural world. Today, under the Nisga'a Final Agreement, the Nisga'a Nation owns 2,000 square kilometres of Nisga'a Lands and the natural resources on those lands. Through the Forest Resources Department, Nisga'a Lisims Government manages Nisga'a forests to provide employment and to protect our natural inheritance.

Ecological sustainability is a prime consideration in the development and approval for all operations within Nisga'a Lands and the Nisga'a Forest Act sets high standards to maintain biodiversity. This involves implementing a total, integrated, and quantifiable forest management program, and developing strategies to meet the requirements set out in the Nisga'a Forest Act and Land Use Plans.

The Nisga'a Final Agreement requires that Nisga'a forestry practices meet or exceed standards established under provincial forestry practices legislation for Crown land. NLG is committed to meeting this requirement while providing employment for Nisga'a people today and for generations to come. We must take care of this earth-all the animals, every stream in the valley-and this land on which you and I live.

- Ayuukhl Nisga'a Areas of Responsibility:

• Forest Resources Management and planning

• Timber harvesting and reforestation

• Nisga'a Public Lands Forest Development Plan

• Nisga'a Village Lands Forest Development Plan

• Botanical Forest Products

• Permit Fee Structure

• Protection of Forest Resources

• Forest Fires

• Pests

• Diseases

• Integrated Resource Management Plans

• Resource Inventories

• Recreation Site Management plans

• Dragon Lake

• Provision of mapping and geographic information services to Nisga'a Lisims Government

• Compliance and Enforcement for Forest Resources

• Forest Resource Policy Development

• Supporting Village Governments with Forest Resources related issues


For information about environmental assessments on Nisga’a Lands, contact: Directorate of Lands & Resources at Tel: 250 633 3000.

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