Nass River featured in Tyee’s ’The Seven Best Places to Eat in Canada’

The Tyee is running a Thanksgiving series - and our very own beautiful Nass River Valley is part of today’s (October 5) feature, "The Seven Best Places to Eat in Canada"!

"6. Along the Nass Highway, where you might taste salmon, opened up like a butterfly and dried, and then heated again on a fire until the jerky drips with its own fat, or then again you might taste pickled bull kelp, or the grease extracted from oolichan smelt, which have fermented in open bins for nine days, or then again you might taste sea-lion stew, as rich as anything you will ever put in your mouth, unless you keep going north until you taste whale blubber, and any or all of it will remind you that in this place that we call Canada, the familiar can always turn strange, the strange always turn familiar."

To read the full article visit the Tyee website here:


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