NVHA | COVID Update: 18-Dec-2020

We have had zero additional positive results come in.  We have 43 total for these clusters, of whom all have recovered except 2 who are still in hospital.


We will not be sending any more updates for these clusters.


Although the recent clusters are ending please remember that there are still many people testing positive for COVID in the region and we are very likely to have more transmission occur in the valley, particularly with the increased social gatherings and increased travel in and out of the valley that will probably take place in the coming weeks.


If you develop symptoms of cough, cold or flu, even if mild, do NOT come to work.  Call the clinic to book an appointment for a COVID swab and clinical assessment.


Please assume that EVERY client and EVERY other staff member has COVID, whether they have symptoms or not, and take the appropriate precautions to protect yourself.  All staff should also assume that they already have COVID themselves and may just be pre-symptomatic, and take the appropriate precautions to protect the staff and clients around them.

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