NLG’s Access to Justice Department works to involve every Nisga’a citizen in promoting safety by building on the strengths of individuals, families, and communities.  The Justice Department supports the prevention and resolution of conflicts by increasing awareness of the Nisga’a Ayuuk and Canadian laws through the following programs.  The Aboriginal Justice Program assists the Justice System in improving its relevance and effectiveness in Nisga’a communities; encourages the revival of traditional Nisga’a practices in resolving conflict; develops alternative programming to deal with deterrence and prevention, diversion, sentencing, rehabilitation, and incarceration; and encourages crime prevention through information, education, and community development programming with Nisga’a communities.  

The Yuuhlimk’askw Program and Youth Justice Program provide culturally appropriate alternative justice solutions and help Nisga’a communities effectively respond to youth justice issues/needs. The Nass Valley Victim Services Program provides emotional support to victims of crime during their recovery and involvement with the justice process. For more information, contact Tel: 250 633 3000.

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