Proud British Columbians and Canadians, Nisga’a citizens are responsible for building and maintaining our own institutions. The Nisga’a Nation is represented by Nisga’a Lisims Government (NLG) — a modern, forward-thinking administration based on traditional culture and values. Nisga’a Government has the authority to pass laws on a broad range of matters. At the same time, Nisga’a lawmaking authority is concurrent with federal and provincial authority. Designed to assure democracy, transparency, and accountability, Nisga’a Government is comprised of NLG, the four Nisga’a Village Governments, and three Urban Locals.

Nisga'a Lisims Government has many functions and responsibilities carried out under our administration at Nisga’a Lisims Government:

  • Chief Executive Officer,
  • Executive Director,
  • Finance,
  • Programs & Services,
  • Fisheries & Wildlife,  
  • Lands & Resources,
  • Communications & Intergovernmental Relations, and
  • Human Resrouces.

Go to our directory for the current list of department staff

The following is a combined list of some of the respective law-making authorities of Nisga'a Lisims Government and Nisga'a Village Governments under the Nisga'a Final Agreement:

  • Administration, management and operation of Nisga’a Government.
  • Creation, continuation, amalgamation, dissolution, naming or renaming of Nisga’a Villages on Nisga’a Lands, and Nisga’a Urban Locals.
  • Nisga’a citizenship.
  • Preservation, promotion and development of Nisga’a language and Nisga’a culture.
  • Use, management, possession, disposition of Nisga’a Lands owned by the Nisga’a Nation, a Nisga’a Village or a Nisga’a Corporation and similar matters relating to the property interests of the Nisga’a Nation, Nisga’a Villages and Nisga’a Corporations in Nisga’a Lands.
  • Use, management, planning, zoning, development and similar matters related to the regulation and administration of Nisga’a Lands, including establishment of a land title or land registry system, designation of Nisga’a Lands.
  • Use, possession, management and similar matters relating to the property interests of the Nisga’a Nation, Nisga’a Villages and Nisga’a Corporations in their assets other than real property on Nisga’a Lands.
  • Organization and structure for the delivery of health services on Nisga’a Lands.
  • Authorization or licensing of aboriginal healers on Nisga’a Lands, including measures in respect of competence, ethics and quality of practice that are reasonably required to protect the public.
  • Child and family services on Nisga’a Lands,
  • Adoption of Nisga’a children.
  • Pre-school to grade 12 education on Nisga’a Lands of Nisga’a children,
  • Post-secondary education within Nisga’a Lands,
  • Devolution of cultural property (ceremonial regalia and similar property associated with a Nisga’a clan and other personal property having cultural significance to the Nisga’a Nation) of a Nisga’a citizen who dies intestate.
  • Timber resources and non-timber forest resources on Nisga’a Lands,
  • Nisga’a Nation’s rights and obligations in respect of fish and aquatic plants under the Final Agreement.
  • Nisga’a Nation’s rights and obligations in respect of wildlife and migratory birds under the Final Agreement.
  • Establishment of a Nisga’a Police Board and Nisga’a Police Service.
  • Establishment of a Nisga’a Court.
  • Direct taxation of Nisga’a citizens on Nisga’a Lands to raise revenue for Nisga’a Nation or Nisga’a Village purposes.
  • Implementation of taxation agreements with Canada or British Columbia.
  • Use, possession and management of assets located off of Nisga’a Lands, of the Nisga’a Nation, Nisga’a Villages or Nisga’a Corporations.
  • Public order, peace and safety on Nisga’a Lands.
  • Regulation of traffic and transportation on Nisga’a Roads.
  • Solemnization of marriages.
  • Provision of social services by Nisga’a Government to Nisga’a citizens.
  • Health services on Nisga’a Lands.
  • Prohibition of, and the terms and conditions for, the sale, exchange, possession or consumption of intoxicants on Nisga’a Lands.
  • Emergency preparedness.
  • Sale, in accordance with the Final Agreement, of fish or aquatic plants harvested under the Final Agreement or the Harvest Agreement.
  • Sale of wildlife or migratory birds harvested under the Final Agreement.
  • Environmental assessment of projects on Nisga’a Lands.
  • Environmental protection on Nisga’a Lands.
  • Own source revenue administration.



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