Nisga'a art is alive and well. Our Elders and master carvers like Norman Tait, Roy McKay, Alver Tait, and many others helped keep these rich cultural traditions alive. Our art form was brought back into the public eye in 1992 with the carving and raising of the Bear's Den pt'saan (totem pole). This was the first totem pole to be raised in the community of Gitwinksihlkw since the destruction and theft of many pt'saans which stood at all Nisga'a villages prior to the 20th century. In order to raise this pole properly, Nisga'a songs and dances were revived — and have continued ever since.

Nisga'a pt'saans can be found in Vancouver, Ottawa, Chicago, Brussels, and Phoenix. Nisga'a art can be found in major museums, cultural instituitions and private collections worldwide. Many of our younger artists are stepping up and getting noticed as they continue to develop, evolve and respect our traditional art form.

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