Foster Care

There are Nisga’a Children in Our Community Who Need You!

There are many different ways you can provide support and care to Nisga’a children and youth who need either long term or short term placements, emergency or relief or even potentially adoptive homes. Becoming a foster parent/caregiver is a way to extend our hearts and homes to other Nisga’a children in the community. As a caregiver, you and the child in your home will receive supports. You can provide a safe and loving placement for a youth or child while they are away from their parents. Foster homes aim to provide a safe, stable home for children, while their families address the issues preventing them for caring for their children. Ultimately, the goal is to have children return to their parental homes, or depending on the situation, to arrange a permanent home or prepare them to live independently.

Nisga’a Children and Youth Need Nisga’a Homes

Children and youth who are connected to their families, communities and cultures do better as adults. When Nisga’a children need to be away from their families it is important for them to be with a family and caregivers willing to work to keep them connected to their roots. We look to our foster parents to fulfill this role, to be a supportive, consistent caregiver in our children’s lives. Being a caregiver is a challenging job with many rewards. Caregivers play a vital role in our families, and in the wellbeing of our communities and the Nation.

We are always in need of caregivers and Nisga’a families willing to open their hearts and their homes to a Nisga’a child.

Are you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually able to provide quality care for a Nisga’a child?

Do you believe in supporting cultural connections and traditional teachings so that Nisga’a children can live a culturally rich life?

Can you create positive ways to work through unexpected challenges?

Who can be a Family Care Home Provider?

Anyone, 19 or older, who wants to share their home and life with a child, can apply to become a Family Care Home. It is not necessary to own your own home and your financial situation will not be a barrier. The important factor is that you are financially stable and that adding a child to your home would not cause a financial burden. If you are interested in helping Nisga’a children take the first step by speaking with a Nisga’a Child & Family Services Resource Social worker today.

In the application process, you will:

  • Attend the Pre-Service Orientation Training
  • Provide three references – a family member, non-family-community member, and one through a work place or volunteer work
  • Complete a medical exam with your family physician
  • Provide written consent for a criminal record check
  • Be interviewed along with all family members in your home by a social worker

Caregiver Information Sessions

Quarterly caregiver information sessions will now be offered in groups to those interested in becoming a Family Care Home, or who have questions, concerns or ideas about the fostering application process. Please contact one of our NCFS offices directly to find out when the next session will be held in your area. We can also offer one-to-one information sessions, where you will meet with a resource worker to discuss fostering more personally. Please contact one our resource social workers at the phone number above to arrange a meeting time that works for you.

Nisga’a Child & Family Services

"By maintaining the Nisga'a family through the utilization of the Ayuuk, we will ensure the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional & cultural well-being of all Nisga'a Children"

K"agahl goodin ahl hli ga-hlgim’ K’agahl wilbin

Open Your Heart to our Children, Open Your Home

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