NESS Students visit Nisga'a Lisims Government Legislative Chambers

On January 16, 2019, Nisga’a Elementary Secondary School (NESS) students made a visit to Nisga’a Lisims Government (NLG) to tour the Legislative Chambers and to hear about Nisga’a history.  Upon the tour, they were greeted by the Enrollment & Eligibility Committee elders, the Communications Department. The students were presented with words of encouragement, history of Nisga’a Land, and how the Nisga’a Tribal Council (NTC) and the Nisga’a communities, laid out the foundations of health, education, and governance for the benefit of future leaders.

It was the NTC and SD#92(Nisga'a) that initiated school field trips to the many Annual Fall Assemblies where they were granted opportunity to partake in the framework of the Nisga’a Treaty as well. Furthermore, it was the NTC that brought career workshops to NESS which resulted in the many professions seen today. Most importantly, the NTC performed many sacred ceremonies alongside students of NESS to carry on the Nisga’a language, culture, and traditions in absolutely everything they do to unify community as a whole.

It certainly was an honor to have the NESS students make their first 2019 visit to the NLG Chambers, many more to come. The respect shown and their adherence to the chambers was like a strong sense of belonging, identity, and authority.

Si’aamhl wilsim on your brave introductions.

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