Nisg̱a’a VAWIR Committee receives EVA BC’s ’Be More Than A Bystander’ Award


(VAWIR Committee Members Marsha Moore, Marietta McKay, Bev Azak, Faith Tait, Millie Percival with award presenter JR LaRose)

A 3rd annual award typically granted to an individual who demonstrates outstanding effort in ending gender-based violence was awarded to the Nisg̱a’a Violence Against Women In Relationships ("VAWIR") Committee today in Richmod by the Ending Violence Association of BC ("EVA BC").

The ’Be More Than A Bystander’ Award receives several nominations each year, and the Nisg̱a’a VAWIR Committee had the honour of receiving the 2018 award.  In her nomination of the Committee, Lisims/Nass Valley RCMP Cpl. Jennifer Prunty stated, "While many programs exist to address domestic and sexual violence, the Nisg̱a’a VAWIR Committee recognizes that specialized programs and services are required to address the unique needs of the Nisg̱a’a Nation.  The Committee also recognizes that specialized processes are required with the programs working cohesively and collaboratively to create a solid safety net for increasing sexual and relationship safety."

Established in March 2015, the Nisg̱a’a VAWIR Committee was identified as a key structure to increase safety and well-being through a more collaborative response among responders.  The development and implementation of the Committee is ongoing to ensure the Nisg̱a’a Ayuuḵ is incorporated in to the mandate of the work they undertake.

"Be More Than A Bystander" is a groundbreaking initiative between EVA BC and the BC Lions Football club, aimed at substantially increasing awareness and understanding about the impact of gender-based violence and the importance of everyone, in particular men, speaking up.

CFL Grey Cup Champion and former BC Lions player JR LaRose presented the Nisg̱a’a VAWIR Committee with the award at the EVA BC’s 2018 Annual Training Forum in Richmond, B.C.

Si’aamhl wilsim̓ Nisg̱a’a VAWIR Committee!

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