Nisga'a Urban Housing Grant Program

Nisga'a Urban Housing Grant


1. Purpose

  1. The Program is intended to provide grant funding (the Grant”) for a portion of the down payment required for the purchase of residential real property (the “Property) for Nisga'a citizens living in Canada who do not reside on Nisga'a lands.
2. Eligibility
  1. To be eligible for the Grant a Nisga’a citizen must
    • be at least 19 years of age, reside in Canada but not on Nisga’a Lands,
    • be employed on a full time / part time basis,
    • demonstrate that a financial institution has approved a mortgage for the purchase of the Property by the Nisga'a citizen,
    • never have previously owned their own Property, and
    • not have previously received a Grant under the Program.
3. Limits and Restrictions of Grant
  1. Grants are subject to the following limits and restrictions:
    • the maximum Grant available is $10,000 per Property;
    • the number of Grants available in any year will be contingent upon the Nisga’a Urban Housing Program budget appropriation by Wilp Si’ayuukhl Nisga’a for that year;
    • a Grant is only available for first time buyers who will be residing in and using the Property as their principle residence.
4. Terms of Grant
The Grant will be forgiven at the rate of $2,000 per year until the entire Grant has been forgiven, provided the Nisga’a citizen receiving the Grant has not
  • sold the Property,
  • ceased to reside in the Property, or
  • breached the terms of any mortgage or other financing obtained to purchase the Property during the five year period after the Grant has been issued.
A Nisga'a citizen who receives a Grant and who breaches any of the conditions in section 4.1 must repay the balance of the Grant not forgiven at the time of the breach, to the Nisga’a Nation.
Before receiving the Grant, successful applicants must
  • sign an Urban Housing Program Grant Agreement,
  • provide an accepted unconditional offer to purchase a Property located outside of Nisga’a Lands but within Canada

5. Application Process

  1. Applicants must submit a letter of intent to the Capital Finance Commission c/o Capital Projects Coordinator, or such other individual as may be designated by the Capital Finance Commission.
  2. Applicants must provide confirmation of mortgage approval for the purchase of the Property at the time that they submit their application.

Criteria and Evaluation

  1. When considering applications for a Grant
    • the applicant's current household income;
    • the applicant's current living conditions,
  2. Applications will only be considered in the fiscal year in which they are made. An applicant not receiving a Grant in the fiscal year they apply must re-apply for a Grant the following fiscal year

7. Communication of decision and administration of Grant funds

  1. All applicants will be advised in writing whether or not they have been awarded a Grant, within 2 – 4 weeks of delivering their application.
  2. Grant funds for successful applicants will be provided to the lawyer or notary public acting for the applicant on the purchase of the Property prior to the closing date of the purchase.

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