Prince Rupert/ Port Edward

Prince Rupert/Port Edward Nisga'a Urban Local
301-860 3rd Avenue West Prince Rupert, British Columbia Canada
V8J 1M6 Tel: 250 627 1595
Fax: 250 627 1575
Toll Free: 1 866 627 1590

Urban Local Representatives:

Clifford Morgan, Executive Urban Representative

Juanita Parnell, WSN Urban Representative

The Prince Rupert/ Port Edward Nisga’a Urban Local is recognized under the Nisga’a Constitution for the purpose of providing political representation for Nisga’a citizens living in Prince Rupert/ Port Edward to NLG through the election of two Nisga’a Urban Local representatives

Gitmaxmakay Nisga’a Society is a society which is a corporate entity under provincial law, established for the administration of funds for services to be provided to the Nisga’a citizens in Prince Rupert/ Port Edward.

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