One of the many hard-fought rights under the Nisga'a Treaty was the ability to determine citizenship for ourselves.  The previously discriminatory rules under the Indian Act were seen as an attack on our matrilineal cutlure.  We therefore demanded to have the final say on determining our Nisga'a citizenship as part of our right of self-government.

Now, the federal government cannot tell us who is a Nisga'a citizens.  Nisga'a citizenship is determined under the Nisga'a Treaty and under Nisga'a Law.  In other words, we determine our own Nisga'a citizens.

Nisga'a citizenship is a pre-requisite to the rights and priviledges of Nisga'a citizenship, such as:

  • elders package
  • ownership of a Nisga'a Village Entitlement
  • Nisga'a urban housing program
  • post-secondary education funding
  • accessing funding to the Nisga'a Economic Development Fund

For more information, see these particular sections in this website about these services.



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