1913 Petition

On May 21, 2013, the Nisga'a Nation commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the Nisga'a Land's Committee's 1913 Petition to His Majesty's Privy Council.  See the Media Release HERE.

Introductory Note
In May, 1913, the Nishga Tribe of Indians, inhabiting the Valley of the Naas River, for the purpose of overcoming the serious constitutional difficulties which had been encountered in seeking to secure
a judicial determination of the rights of the Indians of British Columbia, presented to His Majesty’s Privy Council a direct and independent Petition. In taking that action, the Petitioners had in view
the interests not only of their own Tribe but also of all other Tribes of the Province. By Order-in-Council passed in June, 1914, the Government of Canada proposed certain conditions upon which the
Government would help the Nishgas in bringing their Petition before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. These proposals having been brought before the Nishgas, they decided to bring before
the Government counter proposals and offered to send delegates to Ottawa. In January last the Minister of the Interior decided to meet the Nishga Delegates, who thereupon came to Ottawa. During the
months of February, March and April, the proposals of the Government and those of the Nishgas were discussed at a number of interviews. This pamphlet contains a record of these interviews, based,
except in two instances specially noted, upon stenographic reports furnished by the Government, together with related documents, including Order-in-Council dealing with the Nishga proposals passed
in June last. All papers are arranged in order of time with descriptive headings.

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