Services provided by the Nisga’a Nation’s Quality of Life Strategy

The Quality of Life (QoL) strategy is an initiative of the Nisga’a Lisims Government (NLG) to provide strategic supports on policy procedures and practices for the government.

Project Scope

Under budgetary allocation from NLG, the Quality of Life strategy collects and records data from within NLG, as well as among Nisga’a Village Governments and Nisga’a Urban Locals. Other regional, provincial and national data is equally collated and compared to the context of the Nisga’a communities in the Province of British Columbia. There are efforts made to understand how relevant information that is collected connects to labour market conditions and dynamics in the region. There are equal efforts applied to group local data, analyze this data and compare information against BC Provincial, Canadian and international performance measurement standards. At the same time, there are efforts to contextualize the importance of relevant local knowledge to the current realities and heritage of the Nisga’a people, including contemporary social practices. The QoL initiative incorporates several unique methodologies pertinent to the context of NLG and Nisga'a culture. 

Supporting Data Management

Within NLG, the Quality of Life Department offers several services to NLG staff, Nisga’a Village Governments, Urban Locals, Nisga’a citizens, the public, and other stakeholders (e.g. private sector, academics, civil society, non-business entities) engaging the Nisga’a Nation. 

QoL Services and Supports

  • Assist in articulating NLG's perspective on Data Ownership (OCAP)
  • Collects project data in a consistent manner
  • The reuse of data for project results, analysis, or relevant longitudinal studies 
  • With IT support - stores and protects data
  • For performance evaluation, interpretation, and for public consumption, retains and analyzes results
  • Share results with relevant stakeholders and with Nisga’a Citizens
  • Encourages open dialogue and discussion on social and economic issues through participatory research and public engagements
  • Reports and publishes conclusive findings (both positive and negative) to help refine public policy in describing and articulating project initiatives
  • Assists with governance practices and strategies to the benefit of all Nisga’a citizens
  • Provides social and economic research as required by NLG

Responding as Government

NLG’s Quality of Life strategy is a platform of an annual review that tracks social and economic developments (i.e. either positive outcomes or as outcomes point to areas where policy direction and change needs to occur). Providing a measurement approach and communicating this approach and the results of findings to Nisga'a citizens assists in the open communication and transparency of government. By observing NLG's systematic approaches and gathering and interpreting data across departments enables stakeholders to monitor and track success as it provides a strategy for how to address challenges.

Global Perspective

Based on quantitative and qualitative best practice methods for collecting and sharing data, the QoL initiative can support inter-departmental strategies for measuring performance. The QoL strategy can assist NLG management and the Executive by narrowing in on specific baseline criteria, which is used for evaluating contemporary social and economic conditions in the context of NLG, or as these conditions connect to the region and world.

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