The President, Secretary-Treasurer, Chairperson and Chairperson of the Council of Elders are elected by all Nisga’a citizens while the Chief Councillor and Councillors are elected by Nisga’a citizens resident in each village. The Executive consists of the Officers, the Chief Councillor of each Nisga’a Village Government, and one representative from each Nisga’a Urban Local.

President - Eva Clayton

Executive Chairperson - Brian Tait

Secretary-Treasurer - Charles Morven

Chairperson of the Council of Elders - Herbert Morven - Sim’oogit K’eex̱kw

For biographical information on the above Officers of NLG, see the Officers Bio page.


Other members of the Executive:

Chief Councillor - Gitlaxt'aamiks - Calvin Morven

Chief Councillor - Gitwinksihlkw - Elaine Moore

Chief Councillor - Laxgalts'ap - Don Leeson, Sr.

Chief Councillor - Gingolx - Claude Barton, Sr.

Executive Representative - Vancouver Urban Local - Andrea Burrell

Executive Representative - Prince Rupert/Port Edward Urban Local - Clifford Morgan

Executive Representative - Terrace Urban Local - Keith Azak

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