Emergency Management Overview

Under the Nisga'a Final Agreement, Nisga'a Lisims Government (NLG) has, with respect to Nisga'a Lands, the rights, powers and obligations of a local authority under federal and provincial legislation in respect of emergency preparedness and emergency measures.

As a Local Authority, NLG participates in the provincial emergency management system in BC, and coordinates at the regional and provincial level with BC.

NLG has enacted the Nisga'a Emergency Program Act which sets out the respective strucuture and activities of NLG and the four Nisga'a Village Governments in respect of emergency management.

As required by the Nisga'a Emergency Program Act,  NLG Executive adopted the attached “Nisga'a Emergency Management Plan—a Strategic Guide for Site Support to Major Emergencies and Disasters” at their February 2012 monthly meeting. This plan repeals and replaces the older plan, which was adopted in 2005.

Similarly, the four Nisga'a Village Governments have developed plans to guide their response at the Nisga'a Village level for each of their Villages.


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