School District 92 Language Department


School District #92 (Nisga’a) has a Culture & Language Department that fosters the use and study of the Nisga’a language.

Nisga’a Vision for Education

Hlaxwhl hli ganwilaak’ilshl Nisga’a, gan wilhl daxgat wil dip hooxhl Sayt-K’iĺim-Goot, Yuuhlimk'askw, Ayuukhl Nisga’a ganhl Hawahlkws; nihl haniihitkwhl Nisga’a tgun ahl ts’im-ganwilaak’ils, ganwilxo’oskw ganhl kwhlixoosa’anskw sit’aatkwsit wil sgathl hlgutk’ihlkw.

Nisga’a Education is a way to learn and live the principles of life which entails Sayt-K’iĺim Goot, Nisga’a Ayuuk and the Yuuhlimk'askw system. Living Sayt-K’iĺim-Goot creates a secure foundation that respects a balance between Nisga’a language and wisdom rooted in the land, and the languages and wisdom of other peoples. Education is a way to learn and live Nisga'a Ayuuk. The Yuuhlimk'askw system guides how to live. Nisga'a Education begins at birth.

Motion to accept: Verna Williams (Ts’aagabin) Seconded by: Alice Azak (K’iigapks) Question: Herb Morven (K’eexkw) Adopted at Fluent Speakers meeting – June 23, 2010 2:42

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