Government Designated Representative

What is the Nisg-a’a Lisims Government Designated Representative?

The Director of Programs & Services of Nisg‑ a’a Lisims Government (NLG) is designated as the representative for the Nisg‑ a’a Nation, as represented by Nisg‑ a’a Lisims Government, under British Columbia child and family legislation, including the Child, Family Community Services Act (CFCSA), the Family Law Act (FLA) and the Adoption Act. As the NLG Designated Representative, the Director of Programs & Services receives notice each time the issue of the custody or guardianship of a Nisg‑ a’a child comes before the courts anywhere in the province of British Columbia. The Director of Programs & Services, together with the NLG Court Resources Team, participate in child and family court proceedings on behalf of NLG to ensure that Nisg‑ a’a children retain their Nisg‑ a’a cultural identity and maintain their connection to Nisg‑ a’a family and to the Nisg‑ a’a community.

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