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Congratulations and Si'aamhl wilin to Sydnee Nisyok on her gold medal in the 2020 Cambridge Schools Eco Challenge. Sydnee is the daughter of Walter and Loretta Nisyok and is Ksim Ganada from Wilps Ksim Xsaan. Attached is the story and link to her acknowledgement:


Nisg̱a’a Youth Participate in Virtual Treaty Negotiation & Implementation Simulation

Eleven Nisg̱a’a Youth participated in a virtual Treaty Negotiation and Implementation Simulation from August 4-6, 2020.

The youth participants took part in a 3-day simulation under the guidance of treaty experts, emerging leaders negotiated and implemented wildlife sections of a fictitious treaty in the first-ever online simulation. We want to give special thanks to Secretary-Treasurer Corinne McKay, Tlicho leader John B. Zoe and Gwichin Deputy Grand Chief Jordan Petersen who shared treaty knowledge with our Nisga’a Youth participants.

On Day 1, the youth asked the leaders questions about their experience in negotiating and implementing modern treaties.  The following 2 days had the youth fully engaged in simulation scenarios in negotiating and implementing provisions of the Nisg̱a’a Treaty.  The youth rotated in the roles of representatives of the Nisg̱a’a Nation and the Governments of British Columbia and Canada.

The Simulation – designed by the Gordon Foundation and previously delivered in-person, is intended to engage youth with their leadership while providing an avenue for youth to research and learn about their modern treaties.  Many thanks to Vivien and Michelle from the Gordon Foundation for working with us to deliver the first ever online simulation with Zoom.

T̓ooyaḵsiy̓ n̓isim̓ to everyone who took part in the Gordon Foundation and Nisga’a Lisims Government Online Youth #TreatySimulation.


Si’aamhl wilsim̓

  1. Leilani Wright
  2. Dakota Price
  3. Christopher Griffin
  4. Keyanna Moore
  5. Mary Angus
  6. Kaitlyn Robinson
  7. Logan Angus
  8. Alberta Evans
  9. Callista Evans 
  10. Steffen Barton
  11. Gelisa Adams 

The AWESOMEness Team miss all of the students in their school, classrooms & hallways . . . We’ll be here for you! #doyourwork #handitintoo #staysafe #washyourhands #keepworking #schoolsstillon #awesomeNESS #wellbehereforyou

It goes without saying that it has been an incredible 2020 season thus far for Nisg̱a’a basketball all around and young Hailey Moore is no exception!

Hailey – the 16 year old daughter of Teniel Angus and Tyler Moore of Lax̱g̱alts’ap is showing incredible promise in her young basketball career.  Hailey is currently attending grade 11 at Caledonia Senior Secondary School in Terrace where she plays for the senior girls basketball team.  The team made the trek to Langley to play in the Double A Girls Basketball Provincials in late February. 

While the team did not come out on top, “she loved the experience” says Hailey’s mom Teniel Angus.  That experience also gave young talent like Hailey exposure to post-secondary recruiters who took in the games. 

“Hailey was contacted by a recruiter from Douglas College regarding basketball” said Teniel.  “Honestly I was so happy I started crying and beaming from pure joy!”

Hailey is also actively working toward a spot on the U19 Girls Team BC basketball team that will represent BC at the North American Indigenous Games in Halifax this summer.  The Phase 3 try outs where the final roster will be determined take place in Kelowna this weekend.

Si’aamhl wilin, Hailey!  The Nisg̱a’a Nation is rootin for you!  

Nisg̱a’a LIsims Government is a proud supporter of Nisg̱a’a athletes in a broad and diverse range of sports and recreation activities through the Nisg̱a’a Sports and Recreation Fund.  We thank Hailey’s mom for providing us an update on Hailey’s basketball career!

Have a story similar to Hailey’s and want to share it with the Nisg̱a’a Nation?  Contact the Communications & Intergovernmental Relations team at Nisg̱a’a Lisims Government via email at!  


Nisga’a Youth Leadership Ambassadors - Logan Angus, Helina Stephens, and Patrick Guno started working with NLG Youth Engagement in mid-October. The trio started by observing the October NLG executive meetings, followed by the October Wilp Si’ayuukhl Nisga’a (WSN) sitting. The youth then met with NLG in-house legal counsel in November and were given an overview on the Nisga’a Government Act, WSN Rules of Procedure, Self-Governance and the Nisga’a Treaty, and the Roles and Responsibilities of NLG and Nisga’a Village Government. In December they assisted with the 20 Year Commemorative Calendar distribution and observed the December executive meeting. They were recently invited to attend the Council of Elders Simgigat-Sigidimhaanak’ meeting held at NLG.

The youth were invited to the January NLG executive meeting to make a presentation to the executive on their learning journey to date. They spoke of their observations since October and highlighted areas of interest. The leadership will also be assisting with planning for the upcoming Elders and Youth Forum being held in Gitwinksihlkw in early March.

Logan, Helina and Patrick have been observing areas of Nisga’a Governance in preparation for the Gordon Foundation Treaty Implementation Simulation and the Land Claims Agreement Coalition National Conference held in Ottawa in early February. 

Si’aamhl wilsim̓!


"This is our daughter, her name is Randi Mowatt and her Nisga’a name is Hlgu Sayt Do’oskw. She comes from the Ganada tribe and from the house of Luuxhoon. She turned 13 years old in August.  

Last year we were contacted by the BC Girl Guides Association, they had sent out an email asking if she would be interested in applying for summer camps, we had decided to go ahead and apply for the LEAP 2019 program. There were details in the email about the trip, but we didn’t know if she would be selected, as they were basing their decisions on the applications that had come in, we had to get a letter of reference from her principal of her school at that time is was Pamela Kawinsky of Cassie hall. Then we had to find one other person to do a character reference for her, I chose someone who knew the things that she had gone through with school and sports programs, so that person was Brigitte Watts.

Last September we were contacted via email from the girl guides association, out of 2500 girls in the BC area she was one of the successful candidates. At that time we were so excited but also nervous as Randi hasn’t gone that far or gone for that long. The trip began for her on August 2, 2019, her and one other girl from the hazelton area flew to Vancouver, where they spent the night, from there they went to Toronto, then caught the bus to Doe lake, where they had set up camp for 1200 girls. The last couple of days in this trip they brought them back to Toronto where they stayed in a hostel, she got to go to a Blue Jays game, and she got to see the CN Tower. She made so many new friends. But the icing on the cake was her return home. Our daughter had so many stories to share upon her return, her best memory was when she performed in front of those 1200 girls, one of the Nisga’a songs that she had learned from the Gitlaxdax dance group. We are so very proud of her. She’s our little traveller, we are waiting to be contacted once again for a future trip for the summer of 2020."

Congratulations Randi!

We thank Randi's mother, Rosalee, for submitting her information and photos.

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