Nisga'a Youth Participants attendee's at the 6th Annual Treaty Simulation

The Nisga'a Nation would like to recognize and congratulate the 4 Nisga'a Youth who attended the 6th Annual Treaty Simulaton that was co-hosted by The Gordon Foundation and the Land Claims Agreements Coalition from February 23-25, 2024 in Ottawa, ON.  

Nisga'a Youth Participants: 

  • Sabrina Stevens: From Gitlaxt'aamiks but resides in Vancouver and works at the Nisga'a Ts'amiks Vancouver Local 
  • Euleina Wright: From Gitlaxt'aamiks and Kitselas but resides in Terrace
  • Patrick Guno: From Gitlaxt'aamiks and resides in Gitlaxt'aamiks 
  • Elijah Williams: From Gingolx but resides in Terrace and works at the Gitlaxdax Nisga'a Terrace Society 

The 6th Annual Treaty Simulation is an event with our treaty partners to educate our future leaders who are the youth from various treaty lands about treaty negotiations and implementation. The youth even got an opportunity to work in teams representing a fictional indigenous nation.  There were some prestigous guest speakers and key note speakers who are experienced treaty experts that addressed the youth throughout the event. 

SI'AAMHL WILIN Sabrina, Euleina, Patrick and Elijah! 


More information about the 6th Annual Treaty Simulation can be found at these links: 


Photos by: Elijah Williams 

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