On Village Lands

Nisga'a citizens can contact Nisga'a Lisims Governments and their own individual Village governments to inquire about housing grants and general housing needs.

The future of Nisga'a housing in our villages is looking brighter with the new ability to own ones own home outright. Holding the title to one's own land offers the potential to generate capital for economic development. Developing nations and their citizens are hampered by their inability to use the title to their lands as a means of raising capital. This is no longer the case for Nisga'a citizens.

Under the Nisga'a Landholding Project, Nisga'a citizens will now be in a position to own their homes as "fee simple" if they so choose. Nisga'a fee simple ownership allows Nisga'a citizens, as property owners, to approach lending institutions for a mortgage without requiring a guarantee from the Nisga'a Nation. Providing Nisga'a citizens with the ability to use their residential properties to raise capital — like other Canadians — will unlock an important resource for supporting economic growth, investment, and increased prosperity for Nisga'a citizens.

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