"A man becomes a sim’oogit (chief) when he inherits the top-ranking name in his wilp (house) when the former Sim'oogit no longer carries the name nor the roles and responsibilities. When he inherits the chief’s name he does not inherit all the strength the name holds under the previous chief. A new chief must provide for a good and able leader in maintaining such an honorable leadership role of his wilp. In doing so he will maintain the support of his wilp and gain the kwhlixoosa’anskw (respect) of the other simgigat (chiefs).

Respect is also gained in hosting the other simgigat and wilp, from different pdeek, in his wilp feast house, performing selfless deeds, ensuring the qualitative indicators of wealth, leading a life of health and well being, being worthy of honor or high esteem in how he relates to his people, speaking and acting with wisdom and virtue, and observing and abiding within Nisga’a laws."

*Excerpt from 'Time Before Memory' - Nisga'a Language and Culture Department - School District #92 (Nisga'a)

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