Adaawak (Stories)

Adaawak are traditional histories about the Nisga’a people and the Nass Valley. Some of these stories answer questions about the animals and plants that habit our lands and waters. There are thousands of Nisga’a Adaawak. Adaawak are property. Some belong to all Nisga’a, such as the stories of Txeemsim bringing light to the world, but most are the private property of a single wilp (house). Because these adaawak are private property, not everyone can tell them. Nisga’a have the right to tell only those adaawak that belong to their wilp.

The adaawak or story of the wilp's traditions on its territory and its geography is the property of the chief and gives him legitimate title to the ango'oskw.  The adaawak is a form of private property.  It is taught to other people in line for the sim'oogit name and related publically at feasts by a rightful teller as a means of legitimizing the transfer of the sim'oogit name and the ango'oskw attached to it.

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