Treaty 101 - A Brief History of the Nisga'a Final Agreement

This presentation is not an in-depth discussion into the treaty document itself. More treaty training for youth will be coming later in 2023. This powerpoint will briefly touch on the vast history of the Nisga’a nation’s 113-year journey to the Final Agreement.

If you have an interest in being a part of any of the regional youth councils to receive more governance training and experience, please reach out to your village government or urban local youth councils. If you would like to participate in the Youth Advisory Council, which is the national governing body for youth, please send an email to Youth Engagement Coordinator, Charlene Tait,

A PDF document of the powerpoint presentation can also be found here: 








Thank you to our Zoom participants for joining us for this webinar, as well as Madame President Eva Clayton and the Executive members who provided answers and commentary!

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