Nisg̱a’a Growth Enterprises: Call for Expressions of Interest for Board Members

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On behalf of the Executive, I am pleased to announce that the Executive has enacted a resolution to establish new Nisga’a economic enterprises. This is a major step to fulfill the WSN Economic Prosperity Strategic Plan. We have many economic opportunities in front of us. It’s time to move forward in a good way.

The Executive concluded that it is necessary to separate the government functions from the economic enterprise functions. The main corporation will be called Nisga’a Growth Corporation (NGC). The sole shareholder (owner) of NGC will be the Nisga’a Lisims Government. While the strategy and goals for the NGC will be set by the WSN Economic Prosperity Strategic Plan, the NGC will have operational independence from the Executive. What that means is that the NGC will have the authority to choose the ways and means to fulfill the WSN Strategic Plan, including business strategies and the appointment and compensation of its management. At the same time, it is important to know that we have structured the working relationship between the Executive and the NGC so that there is direct accountability from the NGC to the Executive, and thereby to Nisga’a citizens. This will also free up time for the Executive to focus more on governmental policy issues, while the Nisga’a Growth Corporation focuses on operational business issues. We strongly believe that this new corporation structure will provide an effective means to achieve our common goals.

This letter is to announce the recruitment and appointment of directors for the NGC. The Executive will make the directorship appointments through a fair and transparent process. The deadline for receipt of applications is October 21, 2022.

All NGC directors will be independent and without conflicts of interest. All Nisga’a citizens are qualified to apply and are preferred applicants. However, elected WSN and Village Government leaders and appointed employees of the NLG and Village Governments and its enterprises and affiliates, will be able to serve only upon their resignation of any of the overlapping positions. The board will likely include non-citizens, as well. We will seek an effective mix of skills and experience. The entire package of application materials attached to this letter.

This is a very exciting moment for us to achieve economic prosperity for our people. There are many challenges ahead, but even more opportunities. The Executive looks forward to receiving your application for a directorship.



Eva Clayton

Nisg̱a’a Growth Enterprises: Call for Expressions of Interest for Board Members

The Executive of the Nisg̱a’a Lisims Government has authorized the establishment the Nisg̱a’a Growth Corporation and related economic enterprises. Together, they are the Nisg̱a’a growth enterprises. The main purpose of these new enterprises is to create greater prosperity for our citizens. The Nisg̱a’a Growth Corporation will be guided by the priorities established in WSN Economic Prosperity Strategic Plan, adopted in 2019. The WSN Strategic Plan was a collaborative effort that included the direct input of our citizens in villages and urban locals.

In order to achieve the goals of the WSN Strategic Plan it will require the establishment of both effective enterprises structures and a team to lead them. The team includes the appointment of directors by the Executive and the appointment of a management team by the board of directors. The Executive has formed the governance of its new enterprise organization, in an inclusive and carefully planned process to support Nisg̱a’a economic growth and economic development both within the Nisg̱a’a Nation and more broadly.

The board of directors will be independent. Independent means that the Executive seeks persons who will exercise independent judgment. Persons appointed as directors will not serve in any elective capacity in the WSN or village governments, or as NLG or village government employee, or in any other organization in which there may be a direct conflict of interest.

Further, the Nisg̱a’a Growth Corporation will be “operationally independent”. Operationally independent means that the board of directors and its management will be able to choose the means and manner in which it implements the WSN Strategic Plan, without operational interference by the Executive or the NLG management, subject to any checks and balances established in the corporate and policy documents of Nisga’a Growth Corporation or created under Nisga’a laws from time to time.

The balance to this operational independence is that the Nisg̱a’a Growth Corporation will remain accountable to its owner, the Nisg̱a’a Lisims Government, as Shareholder. This means that the Board of Directors and management will have direct reporting responsibilities of performance to the Shareholder, which will be consistent, timely and transparent. This means that the Shareholder will know the measurable and objective performance of its enterprises. And, the Executive will at all times retain the authority to appoint directors and remove directors after following due process.

Therefore, Executive is seeking highly motivated individuals interested in being appointed as a member of the board of directors with business or professional experience in areas such as: finance, raising capital and investment, human resources, First Nation economic development, LNG and energy sector experience, real estate development, tourism, forest resources, and government relations. There are currently 5 vacancies on the board that need to be filled with individuals that have:

• Sound personal and professional integrity;
• Inquiring and independent minds;
• Practical and mature judgment;
• Experience at the policy-making level in business, finance or government, including understanding financial statements;
• Experience that is useful to the current needs of the company and complimentary to the background and experience of other directors;
• Commitment to devote the time required to carry out the directors’ duties and responsibilities;
• An understanding (at a general level) of the economics of the Nisg̱a’a Nation and specifically the challenges and opportunities for Nisg̱a’a People;
• Board members must understand Indigenous culture and have experience in working with First Nations;
• Subject to Nisga’a Growth Corporations overall requirements relating to competencies, background and experience, among qualified applicants, preference will be given to Nisg̱a’a Citizens.

To be considered for a position on the Board, please complete the application package as directed in the section “To respond to the Expression of Interest for Nisg̱a’a Growth Enterprises Board Members”

Deadline: October 21, 2022

Helpful Considerations for Applicant Board Members

Fiduciary Obligations. Directors of corporations owe a fiduciary duty of due care to its corporation and to its shareholder(s). These obligations are defined by applicable provincial and federal law. The WSN reserves the right under the Treaty to establish its own corporate and fiduciary laws.

Code of Conducts and Ethics: One measure of fulfillment of a director’s fiduciary duty is agreeing to a Code of Conduct and Ethics. During the formation of Nisg̱a’a growth enterprises, the corporation intends to create a stringent Code of Conducts Ethics, through which Directors will be held to strict standards of honesty, integrity and loyalty, be provided the ability to express their opinions, unencumbered, yet always with the goals of flexibility and compromise whenever achievable, and avoid conflicts of interest.

Indemnification and Directors and Officers Insurance: Nisg̱a’a Growth Corporation intends to provide standard-clause indemnification for board members against any civil, criminal, administrative, investigative or other proceeding. While it’s common for third parties to sue corporations in business disputes, its directors and officer can also be sued in their individual capacity. Indemnification means that the corporation would pay for the defense against third party litigation. Furthermore, corporations commonly purchase Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance. This D&O insurance reimburses the corporation for certain defense and judgment costs. It is expected that the Nisg̱a’a Growth Corporation would purchase such insurance for its directors and officers.

Director Fees: Directors are ordinarily paid a reasonable director fee and travel expenses to attend meetings. A reasonable director fee and travel expenses will be paid for this director service.

WSN Economic Prosperity Strategic Plan: Nisg̱a’a Growth enterprises intends to be a corporate vehicle to assist the Nisg̱a’a Nation achieve the strategies and goals outlined in the WSN Economic Prosperity Strategic Plan. An understanding of this plan will be imperative to the success of the Board of Directors, and the corporation, and can be found in written and video formats at this link for your review:

Nisg̱a’a Lisims Government Executive - Resolution 2022 – 086: Resolution to authorize the establishment of the Nisg̱a’a Growth Corporation and associated enterprises. Attached.

Appointment Committee’s Considerations for Director Selection

The selection of Board members to the Nisg̱a’a enterprises will generally take into account:

• Alignment of skills with strategic direction (including the strategic direction of the Nisg̱a’a Nation through the WSN Economic Prosperity Strategic Plan);
• Value added to the current board composition;
• Cultural fit with the board;
• Time it will take to be an effective contributor; and
• Succession planning.

Building the right board for Nisg̱a’a growth enterprises requires an understanding of director competencies, which involves consideration of the directors’ experience, skills, attributes and capabilities. Director competencies encompass two distinct areas: technical competencies and behavioural competencies. Technical competencies are a director’s technical skills and experience (“what you need to know and are able to do”) such as accounting or legal skills, industry knowledge, experience in strategic planning and corporate governance. Behavioural competencies are a director’s capabilities and personal attributes (“how you apply what you know and your personal and interpersonal skills”) and include, for example, linkages to the “ownership”; an ability to positively influence people and situations; an ability to assimilate and synthesise complex information; time availability; honesty and integrity; and high ethical standards.

When appointing members to the Nisg̱a’a Growth enterprises Board consideration will therefore be given to whether the board needs a mix of directors who can:

• Assimilate and synthesize complex information quickly;
• Develop and deliver a cogent argument;
• Be innovative and think beyond the square; and
• Understand issues at both the detailed and “big-picture” level.

Prior to nominating or appointing individuals as directors, the Nisg̱a’a appointments committee will:

• Consider what competencies and skills the board, as a whole, should possess, recognising that the particular competencies and skills required for one board may not be the same as those required for another;

• Assess what competencies and skills each incumbent director possesses. Since it is unlikely that any single director will possess all the competencies and skills required, the board will be considered as a group in which each individual makes their own contribution;

• Consider the character of directors and their fit with the current board culture. Some attributes worthy of consideration include self-awareness, integrity and high ethical standards. Boardroom dynamics will be impacted by the personalities and behavioural types present, so attention will also be paid to these qualities.

Nisg̱a’a Growth Enterprises Board Members

To apply:

Option 1: Visit the Nisga’a Lisims Government website (, and complete the application package online. (Look for Expression of Interest for Nisga’a Growth Enterprises Board Members under “In the News”)

Option 2: Complete the application package below via Word or other word processing software, and email the application and your resume/CV to Chair of the Executive Appointment Committee in care of Roberta Clayton at

Option 3: Print the application package below and complete by hand, or answer the questions below in your own format, and mail the package (including your resume/CV) to:

Nisga’a Lisims Government
c/o Roberta Clayton
PO Box 231 2000 Lisims Drive
New Aiyansh BC
Canada V0J 1A0

(For confidential applications, please enclose your application and resume/CV in a second envelope, clearly marked – CONFIDENTIAL: Chair of the Executive Appointment Committee in care of Roberta Clayton)

To respond to the Expression of Interest for Nisg̱a’a Growth Enterprises Board Members

Name: ___________________________
Phone: ___________________________
Email: ____________________________
Nisg̱a’a Citizen: Yes / No
Any Nisga’a Citizen is qualified to apply for this position; the Nisga’a Lisims Government Executive, applying the WSN Economic Prosperity Strategic Plan, has decided to establish Nisga’a economic enterprises to operate separately and at arm’s length from the government and that the Nisga’a Lisims Government will be the sole Shareholder of its wholly owned economic enterprises.
This means that persons that hold elected or appointed positions within Nisga’a Lisims Government, Village Governments, their economic enterprises or affiliated operations would not be able to serve as board members.
Do you hold any elected position in a Nisga’a Village, or Nisga’a government, a position in a Nisga’a community owned corporation, or any Nisga’a entity (for example Nisga’a Valley Health)? Yes / No
If you do hold one of these positions (representing non-arms length status), are you willing to withdraw from your current position? Yes / No

(1) Attach your resume or CV outlining your professional and work background, including 3 references

(2) Application Package
Please answer the following three questions:

Question 1: Describe your business and cultural background and how you see your background as generally being a contribution to the Nisg̱a’a growth enterprises. (Approximately 300-500 words)

Question 2: After reviewing the WSN Economic Prosperity Strategic Plan – what specifically do you believe you bring to assist the enterprises in carrying out the Strategic Plan. (Approximately 300-500 words)

Question 3: Please share with us your experience with working with a diverse team (in any context) that worked towards achieving a plan. (Approximately 300-500 words)

Send completed package to: Chair of the Executive Appointment Committee in care of Roberta Clayton at

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