Post Secondary Education Assistance Program Policy

The Nisga'a Post Secondary Education Assistance Program Policy was developed by the Education Administrators from the 4 villages and NLG‚ Directorate of Programs and Services. The policy was approved at the June Executive meeting.

The policy provides guidelines to determine eligibility for financial assistance to attend a post-secondary or training institution. This assistance is not intended to cover 100% of the costs. Applicants are encouraged to apply for additional assistance.

Nisga'a citizens or Nisga'a Indians usually living in Canada or the US are eligible for funding. Programs eligible for assistance include accredited college programs, university degree programs, apprenticeship and trades programs and programs leading to a professional designation.

Support for tuition, compulsory fees and books and supplies up to the maximum specified in the policy may be available for all eligible students. Eligible full-time students may also receive living and travel allowances and some support for tutoring. Living allowances may include some support for dependents for those whose spouse makes $20,000 or less.

The policy limits the number of years during which a person can receive funding based on the program taken. The policy requires that students have a grade point average of C+ or better to maintain their funding eligibility. Students who do not have a C+ grade point average will be given a chance to improve their grades. Those who do not and those who don’t complete their program will have their funding terminated. If funding is terminated all money received must be repaid before the person will be eligible for funding again.

There are deadlines by which applications must be submitted before June 15 for programs starting in September (July 15 this year only), October 15 for programs starting in January, and March 15 for programs starting in May or over the summer. It is expected that available funds will have been allocated by September applications for the winter and/or spring/summer semesters will only be considered if additional funds become available.

The policy also includes:

  • an incentive grant program which provides awards to those who have completed programs in a number of subject areas with good grades;
  • procedures which specify how funds awarded will be disbursed;
  • an appeals procedure to be followed if there are disagreements about an Education Administrators application of the policy

This summary outlines some of the policy features. Please refer to the official document available is attached or contact your Education Administrator for details.

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